My Item got Hard Reject. Why ??

Hello Everyone,

I submitted a html template few days ago. Today they rejected and i cant resubmit. Saying “quality issue”

Can you please take a look at my Item ? I dont know what i am missing or did anything wrong ? And How can i improve this ?

This was my first item that i submitted on THEMEFOREST.


Please Help !


Its presentation was rejected because it is of very “low quality”, TF standards are the highest and to get good results we have to measure up.

Keep working and look for some inspiration, then you can start with something new, go on like this and sooner than you expect you will have better results.

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Does it mean the design is not good or any issue is in license or should i work on more quality coding ? And Thanks for your reply !

It means the design is not good. Lot of flaws out there.

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Your Item Design Quality Is Basic Level.
I Think Your Item Is Not Ready For Themeforest.
Your Item Is Out Of Themeforest Quality Standard.