why my html template rejected

here is my website demo link: http://the3x.me/MediCare/
My website was hard rejected from themeforest market place reviewer. Please help me to know about the lack of my work and if you have much more time give me some screenshot with this bug. It’s help me to work with themeforest near future

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You need to improve your item design quality.
More good design already exist on envato market.
Make/Create unique and aesthetic design hope approved.

what is item quality.Do you please describe it?There are any other problem without item quality such as typography color combination etc.I know there is a responsive issue that’s i fixed.If you give me some suggestion it’ll be better for me to work for themeforest. I’m a newbie so for this reason i don’t have much more knowledge about themeforest.Please help me through your reply

You can check the latest templates launched in themeforest to see the quality. Your design should beat the newest item in market.