Rejected My Item in ThemeForest

Hello everybody.

I ran into an issue today that my item was hard rejected but Themeforest reviewers did not provide any information, they send a standard text when they make hard rejected.

Is the design problem? If so, what exactly is the reason for their refusal?

In my opinion, this template corresponds to the current trends in web design.

Maybe there is someone who sees the problem of refusal, I really ask you to help.

Demo link:

Documentation link:

For earlier thanks to everyone who helped, I will also be glad to constructive criticism

Is it hard or soft rejected?

Hard reject.

I noticed that for many, the feedback form on the template works and sends emails, however, in my template I did not implement this, it may be rejected because of this?

I don’t think it’s related to the email feature. The idea is good but I feel like you still need to polish the design and improve a bit more as well as the page transactions should be smoother but I think this should be soft rejected but reviewing process has been changed a lot recently and too sad to say that but it’s related to your reviewers decision.

In addition, these templates are quite out-dated these days and there’re similar items on the marketplace already. This could be the reason

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Your template is good but marketplace already have it as say @ki-themes.

You can create a template HTML that unique (no similar or same other page already marketplace) themeforest will to approved or maybe give you like soft rejected for fix some improvements your design :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the feedback on hard rejects is thin at best. I get why nobody wants to comment on the same beginners mistakes over and over again.
Fun fact: Feedback here on the forum seems to be either “Look at the items recently added to ThemeForest and try to do something similar!” or “Something similar to you design already exists on ThemeForest, try something different!”…

It’s more about understanding the typical themeforest product and packaging. You got to be where people are actually buying your stuff. It has to be attractive. Yours feels to me it would make little to no sales.

It’s about trying again and again until you find the correct recipe. It is not a science, but purely subjective. That’s why you got this all same comments feeling.


Thank you for your feedback and support. I hope everything will be fine in the future