Help me, why is my item hard rejected

Hi guys, today I received a hard rejection. Honestly, I have no idea what is wrong with my item, and the reviewer doesn’t leave any reasons/comment for my item rejection.
Here is My Item Demo:

Very nice but you can again try submit themeforest maybe approved it but I not am sure… good luck.


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It is very good

but - little things speak here:

“My work” section - typography - text is too close to graphics on the left side, also what is this grey box with dimensions?

In my opinion it should be “soft rejected” because only this two things I can see there

anyway I am not expert in coding etc. maybe reviewer found something more in the code?

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Thanks for your feedbak

Thank you

I can say! you have done a good job.
May be they rejected it with quality standard issue.

I think Typography related problem in your item & something missing that created quality standard issue.

you can improve your item contet.

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