Hard Reject - Would like to get some feedback.

Hi there,

as my submission just disappeared from the Author Dashboard, I’m assuming that the template I uploaded got hard rejected. Could I ask for some feedback as I have not received any information or email about the reviewing process and rejection reasons.

Preview Link: [REMOVED]

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For the email that you haven’t received:

For the item : The template is too basic to be approved on the marketplace. You won’t be able to get an approval if you keep posting the items in this condition. You will need better design and features

Hi ki-themes,

thanks for clarifying!

I‘m finding the requirements for publishing a template to the marketplace very intransparent. It seems that it is very difficult for new authors to get approved and a small number of existing sellers dominate the whole marketplace.

I mean let’s be honest here. The themes you published (Miniblog / Evoo) are also very minimalistic, do not have special design elements and are not that feature packed. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a huge market for minimalistic / artistic themes, especially since storytelling gets more and more popular on the web (and in fact I built a similar page (to the template I submitted) for one of my larger clients - they were extremely satisfied), but I don’t understand why Theme A is being approved and similar Theme B is Hard Rejected immediately. Of course I could add a few more pages (Contact Form, etc.) and add more homepage variations, but even if I do that nobody ensures me that the template will be approved then… So why even bother with it and invest more time into something that might never pay off?

I think the platform has to define clear and understandable criteria that new talented authors can follow or they will turn away someday. Expressions like “You will need better design and features” is nothing somebody could follow or improve upon.


I liked the template, minimalism is quite normal. But it is felt that such a site will not be able to rank in Google in a completely nominal way.

You can also find similar items (ideas) from 2015/2016. The design approach was quite popular back that time

The template you have created doesn’t look like minimal; it looks like un-finished. Adding few pages to the same item won’t help you. There’s a small line between the minimal design and no design and you need to stay at the correct side.

About my themes, they have been approved earlier ( few years back ) If I submit these items now, I’m sure that they won’t be approved as the theme quality standards has been changed since then.

For the new authors, it’s related to invest some time and energy therefor you can understand the theme submission requirements. If you’re thinking that you’re wasting your time, you shouldn’t be creating/selling at Envato. There’re other marketplaces - some of them are not even required for double check - you can start selling right away.

You can always refer the latest approved items on the WordPress/HTML section to understand what the marketplace needs.