Update to marketplace homepages

Hi All, the ‘You Follow Feed’ is now back in your logged in interface. Thanks for your patience!


@katehunter ; I hate to repeat myself, I hate it because the point is so OBVIOUS and I know that you’re not the one who is responsible for those changes. But again, please consider my previous message on this forum thread, and let it heard by the responsible team. The impact is already there, because you’ve simply CUT-OUT a very precious “visibility & exposure source” from your authors.

Friends, I am begging you here, this is common sense and please don’t procrastinate the “obvious” for weeks.

No visibility = No Exposure = No sales.

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Hi @Bedros, when the update to the homepage was worked through, we considered

  1. What was required to reach more customers for our authors
  2. What these customers needed to understand to so they could engage with the marketplace
  3. Performance of the different facets of the page

These considerations led us to the updates you see now.

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Sorry, but this is a wrong choice for the reasons I have already stated in my first message.
I wish we wouldn’t have to wait for few weeks to see this.

Thanks, it’s back in the desktop version, but not in the mobile one…

Why is the middle section stating this:
“Get to know this week’s web designer”
(where before was the “this week featured author”)

Why “designer”? The authors from themeforest are not only designers. Many authors are designers and developers at the same time or only designers or only developers. This is confusing.

And Sadly, that’s nothing compared to the serious problems I’ve stated above.

Thanks for letting us know @steve314 - we’ll get that sorted out asap

Hi @katehunter you guys just removed the only way to access the weekly popular PSD files! Before the homepage change we had a rotating image/link provided kindly by Scott but it was suposed to be a temporary solution (The Popular PSD link in the menu is missing for almost a yer now):

Now we’ve lost the popular link on the menu and the temporary one and It’s already starting to take a toll on sales. As you can see, the popular section link is still active https://themeforest.net/popular_item/by_category?category=psd-templates, but buyers have nowhere to access from. Can’t you put the link in the dropdown “Popular PSD Files”? As an author with a big focus on PSD templates this hurts us really bad in both sales and partnership prospects.

If you read a little the topic we’ve quoted you’ll see that we are asking for a solution for almost a year!! Please, there are multiple solutions you could implement. We’d appreciate any solution you can provide us. Thanks!

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As @Odin_Design mentioned ; in the World Wide Web, if you are not visible, you’re dead.


Totally agree with @Bedros: please bring it back

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Please keep things relevant to themeforest on the homepage. Why we need envato forums button or even tutorials.

  • To Dear Envato Staff who's responsible for this totally irrelevant change..:

    We were lucky enough to be selected to take part in the CyberMonday Campaign.
    Other than the template involved there, we have almost no sales just because of the changes you have made irresponsibly on the HOMEPages. This was NEVER HAPPENED before.
    The impact is there, and the impact is undeniable.

    Because, prior to this “change”, customers were able to SEE where to click to buy an email template, an admin template, a PSD design.

    Now, please tell me what you see when you look to the home page at the first sight. Can you see any link about Email Templates? Can you see any link about Admin Templates? Can you see any link about PSD Templates? No. The customer simply has to waste their precious time to find those links, which surely is a big NO NO in WorldWideWeb. If those links are not visible at first sight, authors are not visible too and there will be no sales. Come on!

    Please consider bringing the section I have mentioned above back, for the various reasons I have already stated in my previous posts on this thread.


Hi @katehunter it’s already been more than a week, are we going to have some kind of solution or even a response to what we asked for in our previous post? Thanks

Sometimes I really wonder what if you were not so eager to kill your authors’ motivation with such unbelievably nonSense changes, and do exactly the opposite. God knows how that would benefit both authors and the marketplace itself. Instead, you’re simply ruining what worked perfectly for a long time.

Please can any Envato Staff explain to me…
How can removing an important “visibility & exposure source” benefit to your precious authors?
(Please check my previous messages)