Improve quality of working environment on Codecanyon and Themeforest

Starting a thread to propose some new features I’d like to see in codecanyon. I guess the same can apply to themeforest as well.

Lately, the marketplace has improved payouts. This is a change I welcome and I wish it was done years ago, but we need more so here it goes :slight_smile:

Others feel free to chime in.

  1. Support system. The marketplace introduced extended support but there is no real way to enforce this without investing on our own support system or depend on a paid third party. Moreover since every author has their own support system, it is not a great experience to Envato customers and authors alike.

  2. Yearly paid updates. It is safe to say that unlimited updates for most products is unsustainable since each of these products are unique and have a predefined pool of potential customers, after which sales can slow down drastically. This makes working on existing products unsustainable leaving customers high and dry after the period of peak sales.

  3. Paid customizations. Allow customers to buy paid feature requests or customizations directly on our items where the transaction is managed by the marketplace. For paid feature requests, give merit to customer with perhaps a new badge and perks? Lots of gamification ideas here.

  4. License changes. Currently we have the standard and the extended licenses. These licenses hardly cover many use case scenarios. Introduce more convenient license and allow us to manage license abuse through API.

I’d like to see similar changes in this order. It would mean a lot to me and encourage me to introduce more products into the market.


I was about starting a thread I also believe will be of optimal interest especially for starters until i stumbled into this.

I commend your post, this is a welcomed development that ought be discussed on this forum @Typps

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Whilst 1 and 3 make a huge amount of sense, and moving the marketplace with the times is 110% important I fear 2 and especially 4 would be quite tricky from a legal and author agreement perspective.

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Good points! That maybe be true but I have faith in Envato that within the initial legal terms they left room for maneuver.

Since then the market has evolved introducing author pricing, support extension etc. and is incompatible with our needs as authors.

Worst case scenario, some of these changes can be introduced for newly released products but I feel we need to evolve with the market needs, authors and customers alike. These changes are good for everyone involved :+1:t5:


To me the annual renewal makes sense (speaking as a big buyer), but there would need to be some security around enforcing things which we know is tricky when envato do not own/develop the items.

The custom licenses I do think would be a bit of a minefield as it stops becoming envato’s marketplace and becomes the authors, let alone the challenge/confusion of a lack of consistency or less legit authors exploiting the opportunity.

What could make more sense is to have more choice of X number of defined licenses (still laid out by envato) rather than giving authors the ability to freestyle their own parameters. In essence that’s not a million miles from author pricing and would offer more of a best of both worlds.


Yes, good points.
Support renewal:
At the moment support renewal covers support for all licenses of the purchased item. It means that if the customer purchased 5 licenses and the support expired, he renews the support and it covers support for all 5 licenses. So, as an author you have to provide assistance for all those 5 websites. One license = one end project, the support must be renewed for each project.