Problems with search

@Stockwaves The main thing is that this was not a worldwide cataclysm)))

I guess this is really unsettling time for authors on AJ. Limitations in uploads, still a pretty long review time and now this. The whole new thing with a search just redirects all the traffic to already popular tracks and leaves no chance for new Items, unless somobody intentionally tries to check this section. I don’t really understand a thought behind this experiment, it just makes Envato market really unbalanced. So the only way for the new item to be visible for customers is to instantly sell 10 times and gather 15 comments? We all know what it will lead to.
But at the end of the day I am sure that Envato Staff cares about authors, because we all are basically in the same team here and I hope this “bug” will be fixed as soon as possible. :grinning:


In the other stream envato staff say is testing purposes

Hi everyone - I am absolutely and positively sure Envato really does care about the authors who contribute material to the marketplace and that tweaks, testing and changes to the search engine will benefit us all. With so much new material being submitted each and every day, the search system has to cater to the buyer and us as authors. Indeed it may be frustrating to us all regarding new items but I am 100% sure it will serve us all. Hang tight people. :slight_smile:


There are no coincidences! If something happens, it means that it is planned. :wink:

Hi guys. There’s an active A/B test (perhaps more correctly labelled an “A/B/C” test as it has three options…) running at the moment, collecting data on the impact of changing the default sort order on the marketplaces. There’s some general info about this process here: Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

You’ll see a different default view depending on which test segment you have been enrolled into: some will see New Items, others will see Top Sellers, others will see Trending Items. That will also vary by marketplace and browser.

I’ll raise the issue with the “All New Items” button with the development team working on this, as that one does look like a bug (i.e. it takes you to your default view, rather than loading a view that is sorted by New Items).


Everytime I saw what was meant to be default ordering by trending it seemed very buggy with the ordering looking to be more by sales or just pretty random.

Envato rejects new authors and items. Verification 11 days, a new track is gaining only 10-15 views in two days. New items added in the last day - 693, No sales - 636 =\ Good experiment!:confused:


Hope it will be fixed soon. New tracks getting only 5-12 views per week.

I hope too. In the company clever people work, and they won’t leave the authors

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And what did not suit the old search engine?

This is bad experience with search engine/categories for me and i think for most activity authors too. Overal sales and views drop down, - march the worst month of the year, - unbelievable… :frowning:

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Same here on GR :frowning: Worst week so far !!

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Here is a strong drop in sales. Usually, March was a good month, but not this time :frowning:


What is the condition of others in themeforest ?
Is it only me who isn’t getting sales ?

It will be funny if the whole testing is actually about finding out how fast authors will complain about their sales drop​:joy::joy::joy:

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I think I’ve got the point.
If you choose any category in dropdown menu you will find or best seller or trending.
First I got the best seller and now there are Trending by default.
And those who is not Trending are very old tracks (from 2011-2013)
I think that Envato whant to know will most customers buy such old tracks or will they search for something fresh.
Maybe I’m wrong but I think this is the “A” section of testing and gathering information.


I know a lot of people from video industry and a lot of them are AJ clients. But a lot of them complain about “how it is hard to find something creative and not-so-popular”. So friends start to explore other stock sites

I hope changes in search will not make search results fixed on those few standard and popular tracks, because it will turn AJ into low cost and low quality stock = we will have less buyers.


I hope that all will return to their prinee place, because sales dropped significantly


I want to say that now is a real mess. :unamused:
Previously, my new tracks were gaining more than 100 views in the early days and were beginning to sell.
Now all my items which were approved last week, have almost no views and absolutely no sales.
I’m sorry that the time I spend writing new music disappears in the bowels of a new search engine.

I think this is a bad experiment for the search engine.:thumbsdown: