Problems with search

Hi people! With the search again,problems again.
If you open any category, then there are only tracks with the best sales, and before that, new ones have always been displayed. Again what are some of the problems?


Hi! On GraphicRiver shows the best sellers. Not fairly to a new authors.
The request to return sorting.


Well, I guess you can call it a problem, but they changed the default search display to Trending items for AudioJungle.

Another good way to make sure most new items won’t ever see the light of day, but also a way to encourage promotion of existing items and spending more time on each item, versus flooding of new items.


@Flumen I think that this is not only, I can call the problem, but for all new tracks in particular.

It says it’s sorting by trending items but actually it’s doing by sales. When this happened before Envato confirmed it was a bug.

I see, for me it sorts by Trending though. Still a new change since it used to sort by New.

It says it’s sorting by trending but for me it’s actually in descending order of sales

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It is an experiment. How many he to last, it isn’t known. For new authors of sale have fallen. We hope that the Envato team will make so that it wasn’t offensive for anybody.

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It’s working correctly again now.

Very, very strange “trending” selection though. I see some of my tracks within the first few pages that are very old and haven’t sold in YEARS!

Seems more like random sorting to me with some trending on top. Kind of good actually.

No, I’m still seeing the same lists with only high sales items. Hope it’s just a temporary bug

Yes it kinda weird bug because really outdated tracks showed as trending items…



In different browsers, different views.
I open 3 browsers, they show different search settings.


It’s true.
But, I’ve had sales almost every day and few days ago they just gone dead.Even after uploading new items.
I don’t think it’s a browser.
I’ve analysed the situation.And it seems that top authors got huge advance in traffic from thursday or friday and all other authors was just left behind.
And it’s not the first time for sure.


I wonder if Envato’s staff, or the moderators, can answer something to us? I think that they have already read this topic. To dispel doubts


In any my browsers the same list(

The big problem of this is NO SALES FOR NEW ITEMS as they are going to be invisible for customers when they search in the category tabs


Yandex and Safari show the trend, Opera - new. This is in my case.
Google Chrome, also show the trend.

This is part of a series of tests we are running across market, previously announced here

As it to be long, it isn’t known.
After test results, will draw conclusions.
I think new authors won’t leave without sales.
I think want to make new elements of search, new buttons, new tabs.
And so far, we wait…