New items (under popular search terms) are no longer selling

Hey all,

Now that the new year is well into gear, I have begun to write some new material for Audiojungle. However after seeing the search update I’m starting to see a problem.

Firstly I have been looking around the “top new files” list and noticed that there has been a noticeable drop in sales in new items since early December when the search algorithm was “tweaked”.

I haven’t uploaded anything recently myself, but I’ve heard from a lot of other AJ friends that things aren’t going well with new tracks. Sure enough, search any of the most popular search terms like “motivational”, “inspiring”, “cinematic”, “rock”, “pop”, “upbeat” etc and you will see that the results now only consist of top sellers. Am I the only one that thinks this is completely off-balance and unfair to new items? How are we expected to sell our new items if they are swamped by only popular tracks, some which are 3+ years old!

What do you guys think about this?


Honestly? I think that there are 348,425 items for sale and there’s no possible way everyone is going to get a “fair” share of the sales. It would sure be great if everyone could get an equal share of the pie, but markets just don’t work like that.

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is envato way of saying that they only care about there agenda… so all you can do is compose and hope for the best

With all due respect, since you’re not an Audiojungle author and every market has its nuances, you have no real-world experience with our marketplace.

I am not suggesting that “everyone” get a “fair share” of the sales; I am, however, observing that prior to December’s search tweak, NEW items were visible on popular search terms. Now, popular terms are dominated by older items, and new items do not seem to gain the traction needed to break through.

Of course there will never be a 100% fair distribution, but it’s important for new items to be seen. At the moment, there are no new items showing up at reasonable positions in the search engine for those search terms. If we can’t sell our new items, what is the point of selling on Audiojungle at all?


Ahaa so its about the popular tab. I thought the new problem was just under “best match”.

I had two new items added about 2 weeks ago. I got two sales after having them up 3 days and then nothing. Not saying that they should have more sales but I searched tags that I had them under and couldn’t find them so tried renaming them.
But at the same time it’s a huge marketplace.