Search Algorithm Update

Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of discussion around the overuse of popular search terms in track titles, and how search is giving prominence to these items. This is related particularly, but not only, to AudioJungle.

We hear you. This doesn’t encourage creativity and variety at all, and it’s definitely not a good experience for anyone. While we are glad that AudioJungle continues to grow and perform well, we are not happy with this issue and want to start doing something about it.

So we have decided to make some tweaks to the algorithm, which we’ll release later today. I can’t go into details about the algorithm, especially as we are testing it now, but the gist of the tweaks are to reduce the weighting of title and adjust a few other levers for a set of popular search terms. This set includes terms like Indie, Inspiration, Corporate and Dramatic.

The change brings some diversity to the search results for these queries. However, we realise it’s just a start and that we need to continue to work to ensure we are providing highly relevant search results while at the same time discouraging gaming of the track/item names. The balance between relevance and fairness is hard to strike but we are committed to getting it right!

As usual, we don’t take changes to the search lightly and will be closely monitoring the impacts. We will also be looking to add to the set of search terms we have changed, if this change meets our expectations.

Thank you all for your patience through this and for your continual feedback :slight_smile:


Hi @michellerobinson is this applies for videohive also?

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Sounds great, Michelle! Thanks for letting us know about this change :slight_smile:

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Hey Miseld, yes it applies to all sites, including VideoHive. As I mentioned, it’s just for a select set of search terms for now.

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Trying to search Inspiration and got tons of tracks with thousands sales on page 1, don’t know if that’s good or bad :smile:


It’s gone back to the way it looked earlier this year.

I’m assuming the process isn’t done yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

What about not promoted authors. Top tracks in the first position. So upload new items - does not make any sense? I have 3 paws and my hope was only for new track because search algorithm was good for entrances, now nobody find me. Or am i wrong?


I think the update is still in progress. The ideal result would be the same as before (giving new items a chance), though this time with less title-weighting.

My thoughts on the situation:

  1. The only way to get this to work is to remove influence of titles in the search engine completely (eg “Inspirational Business Venture” becomes equivalent to a one word title such as “Inspiring”) otherwise everyone will continue to persist in using single word titles if they’re more favourable.

  2. Additionally, giving new tracks a chance is extremely important, as there must be a legitimate way to reach the popular files list. Otherwise, foul-play and inflation will start up again - authors buying their own tracks to push them up to the top of the search results.


I thought this move was intended to allow us more creativity when it comes to item titles. Until a single word search is NOT dominated by single word titles consisting of the exact search term, it will not be an actual improvement.


Just please don’t discard the advantages of previous changes, all people want is just a less title-centered search, not the first page filled with top files :grinning:


Community it’s mean “equal opportunities” for all of us. Now top-authors get their old tracks in top position, Fair-play? Community ? I think now i’ll get 2-3 sales per week with new search algorithm or nothing. Last search algorithm was great and fair for all. Now I don’t think so. It’s a bad idea to do something better for someone and at the same time, the worse for others. One big step for high rating-authors and deadly stop for others.
PS I’m sorry if my words seem harsh it’s not my native language. :wink:


Authors have to know in advance about any changes in the search engine.
It affects their strategy.
“In advance” - I mean at least 1 year, ideally.

Top authors celebrating victory?
Now the search produces only top tracks, even if they are created two or three years ago :frowning:
It does not allow young authors to sell their tracks!


of course it’s very good! it’s great! but … only for top authors …


As I remember previous discussion was started and very much supported by elite authors who already has hundreds of sales per month and thousands per track. How great we can please top authors with the new search algorithm and put back all the new authors and their fresh tracks… Really strange…


Stop complaining, at least our “voices” got heard, and they are changing it, she did not say that this change will be the final.


It is true that when you search on the first line will be the top tracks of famous artists? So as to be novice writers? In my opinion, it’s just not fair. Top authors and earn good money, with absolutely not want to create new songs! While new authors are working hard to somehow compete with the top authors. I beg you, don’t let this happen!


Absolutely agree!!!

Some new tracks would be good in the “start mix” to let the industry evolve.

I would like to say thank you for the existence of the platform envato. It allows people to earn a living, doing your favorite job. This is true happiness! Remember, please, that for many audiojungle - basic earnings. Including for many aspiring authors. For us it is a hope for a better future. Therefore, there is a moral responsibility for what happens with us. I hope you make the right decision!