The future of sales on AJ.

I’ve looked at 240 new items as sales so thats 8 page. There are 4-5 sales in total. This is a very mediocre situation. Newly uploaded tracks seem to have no chance on AJ.

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I’ve been here for 4 years now and rarely seen an item being sold right from the moment of approval. I mean, like maybe 5 times at max. However I agree that the amount of new items is really huge this days, and sometimes an item gets very low initial views, I remember a couple of times when my new items didn’t get any views at all, but those were sold later anyway.


Yesterday there were 961,054 tracks in total and today it’s 961.805.

I guess now the balance of buyers and sellers is more worse. There are many producers, but not so many buyers. Or buyers just turned to the AJ team’s list suggestions.

In addition, envato elements may have received market share here. Audiojungle, which came to this point as a result of the efforts of many working people, by opening the elements site now it has turned its back to these people. This is not a complaint but unfortunately the truth is like that.