The new search engine algorithm

Dear Envato stuff and users.

There’s been a change in the last month regarding the new search engine algorithm.
Currently the “sort by best match” option is showing very similiar results to the “sort by Best sellers” option.
This new algorithm is not doing any good to 99% of the users, because the top results when serching a keyword
is the best sellers tracks.

An artist who compose a new track, won’t get a fair chance as the best seller track,
In other words the rich are getting richer.

My question is addressed to Envato stuff,
Are you planning to fix this issue, or is this ideal algorithm ?

Hope you will find the time to answer my question

Happy new year !!


I also notice that if a search for a specific keyword and then sort by sells I get irelevant items.

It makes them money, so I do not think that they give a damn :slight_smile:

Yes, new search algorithm in not good for new items and new authors. Please Envato do something or just return back the previous search algorithm.