Please Envato, explain how the search engine works!

Ok, I can admit I am not very pleased with my sales, but to be specific I am not very pleased with the fact that I don’t understand how the search engine works. I am talking about AudioJungle and as I follow the discussions here I know for sure I’m not the only one thinking about that. I think it’s not more than fair if someone could explain the mechanisms behind what items to get exposure and what items to practically disappear after two days of shinging amongst the rest of the new tracks. I think it’s not more than fair for some of us authors trying to figure out the conspiracies behind our poor sales, and I think it’s not more than fair for the staff at Envato to get the chance to avoid all these speculations by simply laying all the cards on the table.
Pleeeease, shine some light over these thoughts of mine!

Or does anybody else know how it works? Does a track from an Elite Author show up in the search before mine or is it a matter of how many sales an item has. Or is it only a matter of keywords? Is there anything published in the matter? Is there (as I have seen people speculate about) some kind of randomized algorithm controlling when or when not to show my items? It’s hard to know what to expect in sales if you haven’t got a clue of how it’s working.

i’d love to know this too.

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If everybody knew how it worked everybody would be doing the same thing and than again it wouldn’t matter

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You’re asking for the chefs secret. But maybe I’m wrong and they will highlight some points …

Yes, I get your point. It’s just that I think it would be fair to know if there are some kind of progression when it comes to number of sales in relation to how high you are ranked in the search.
Anyway, thanks for your reply! :+1:

Well I hope you’re wrong and that they could communicate at least some of it. Thanks for feedback! :+1:

Absolutely not! If Google released exactly how their search engine worked it would be a disaster and render it useless. The algorithms are for the inquisitive to test and find out and get rewarded for it. That # of sales matter shouldn’t be too hard to find out…

Does a track from an Elite Author show up in the search before mine or is it a matter of how many sales an item has

Whenever I’ve messed around doing searches for tracks as if I was a customer I’ve seen no evidence that the default settings for the search engine favour elite authors, or any other category of author for that matter, as far as I can make out. However, the results often do seem quite random and if I were a customer I can easily imagine I might end up changing the default search results order to number of sales. Once that happens then obviously everything starts working in favour of already successful authors and the tracks with high sales. To be honest, I think one just has to accept this as a characteristic of all on-line market places.

Ok #MetroMusic #AASMusicWorks #Flumen and #PaulGraves Thanks for the lesson in “The Art of the Search Engine”. I realize I was naive and actually don’t know a sh…t about how these things works. I let that go for now and concentrate on the one thing I can control… Making music and upload it! :slight_smile:

Suppose there are 2 tracks with same title, same tags and same description. Which one appears first if you search for 2 of the tags present in both tracks?
Is there something random? Which is the best match? Does the overall sales and the sales from the author matters?