AJ's Broken, Counter-Intuitive Search Engine

So my latest track came out. Debuted somewhere in the middle of the 1st page for its title/search term (“Epic”).

Then, it inexplicably rose to the top row. Great. But no sales. Not many page views. There it sat, for no apparent reason, in one of the top five positions, for the better part of a week.

Until it sold.

Then it dropped, predictably, to page 3.

I have two questions:

  1. Why was it even at the top of the results (along with many other non-sellers)? Shouldn’t those spots, logically, go to tracks that sell - at least once or twice?

  2. Why would its ranking plummet AFTER it finally sells?

Both these examples are indicative of how a search engine SHOULDN’T work.

BTW - Meanwhile, most other popular search terms work in the completely opposite manner, with older, higher selling items dominating the top spots, with new items nowhere to be seen.


New search algorithm again and again and again. Certainly something wrong with this.
Missing the old one so much. In comparison with new one the old one was just perfect even if nothing to do with track names and tags. That was really working SE.


It does seem a bit strange that the terms ‘Happy’ and ‘Epic’ are behaving in a polar opposite way to all the other popular search terms. Now they’re all broken, one way or another.

What’s going on, Envato?


Hey, I’m pretty new here and only started selling this month but thanks for keeping this topic high on the forums, I’ve seen you post loads on here trying to get a fairer deal for everyone. Appreciated, Andy

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Over the all the changes in the last year or so, I’ve noticed no change in my average sales-to-upload-frequency ratio, even when I don’t upload anything I still make some sales, why would everyone be noticing differences except me? I would guess most people focus on only a very narrow array or genre of products.