Problem with AJ!!! Sales fell !

Sales fell , was the trend of the track , but it does nothing , only views . What’s happening? The new search engine ?

enter in the search for one of the names , and I think you will understand what is going on.
a rock

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Yes. I understand…Very sad…

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If you’re gonna look at the monthly top authors sales, you can see the trend of decreasing sales as well. Let’s hope that it is just a seasonal thing:sweat_smile:

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I hope so as well :slight_smile:

‘Sport’ keyword also got the effect from search algorithm :confused:

I’m really frustrated, didn’t sell anything for almost 1 week and running out of motivation, I will not keep uploading tracks to aj, mabe this is wrong, but it’s too depressing

Same as here.

Don’t worry! Be Happy! :slightly_smiling:

I’ve been there, even 17 days without any single sale. Just don’t lose faith and keep building your portfolio. :wink:

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thanks for the consolation, I will continue

wipes his imaginary spectacles
Whaaa… O_o …t?

Okay then, AJ decided to play safe.
No more point in uploading corporate/trailer music, I guess?

The biggest share is still Corporate Music, but it’s already full of lions finding their meat :stuck_out_tongue:

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So basically tags do not work at all? I tried searching for some of my tracks using just tags. ZERO SUCCESS IN DOING SO. Its strictly name now? What the hell is going on.

I don’t really know about tags, but it’s a bit complicated because many authors use the same tags for their tracks or just copy from the best selling tracks. :confused:

let us hope that this is correct and everything will work

Many authors use the same names for their tracks as well. :frowning: