Dear Envato! Please, bring back old search algorithm!

Just type +1 if agree.


@soundbay Nuff said! :wink:


What’s wrong with the new one? If is new must be something better right?

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It’s so “GREAT” that for the first time in my 2 years here i haven’t had a single sale for a whole week!


It seems that there is no more chance for new items now … :sweat:


before or now, it takes good works, set promotion and so on to sell much, basically this is not that much any different , i guess

i think that there’s nothing to do with search engines but rather with the continuously growing number of authors and items … i think that THIS is the real deal

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must be a part of the deal you are right but with such a change some new authors will probably give up ! so less authors ,less items , more sales ! mouhahaha :smiling_imp:

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Search some common adjectives into AJ’s search engine like ‘Inspiring’, ‘Motivational’, ‘Uplifting’, ‘Cinematic’, ‘Rock’, and you’ll see what’s going on - the results page is currently packed with top sellers. New items debut far too low in the search results for those terms and aren’t getting the exposure they need to have a chance to sell. You’re right that growing numbers of authors and items has an effect, but that effect is minuscule compared to what’s happening with the search engine right now.


+100000000000 agree. No inspiration at all to make new music :frowning: with current search algorithm. Previous one was so good.


Sales dropped so obvious. It is so frustrating.

we can dream on lol i am personally not thinning that anything like this is going to happen anytime soon lol

how often are u uploading? some guys complain about search engines sometimes out of failing to understand that they are in a mass / volume system and that uploading very often is not an option but compulsory …

lol then if u ask me, here’s what i think about this subject in particular … i have never understood how there are so limited categories in which u can upload in AJ, for me that’s a bigger issue than search engines … that’s just my point of view but that’s how i feel … for me, at this point, it’s like u have a 4-lane highway and u go back to a normal road only with one lane in the end of it … try to experience this and see the result lol

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I’m not sure as low sales associated with new search algorithm… :expressionless:

+1 for old one

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The update actually intended to improve this “narrow title” situation, where we used to have to name our tracks single word search terms to be found. It is an improvement in that aspect - we can now be found in the results as long as we have the search term in our title (instead of a single keyword), however, it’s a problem now because a huge amount of tracks are being picked up because they have the keyword in their titles - so instead of just ‘inspiring’ tracks for example, any track that has ‘inspiring’ in the title is being detected. On top of that, the algorithm seems to have taken a strong bias towards sales and thus we’re left with a search results page overpopulated with top sellers. Not exactly an ideal situation. Hope the search team are still working on it.


In my humble (very humble) opinion is the issue is that creating and submitting a commercially viable track that is different or unique and sells well will be pounced on by endless emulations. This in turn creates and influx of tracks riding on the success of this stand out track. As authors yes we need to be different and commercially viable but to try and get a free ride on some one else who has discovered a new sound creates a sea of music which floods the marketplace. The search engine is somewhat effective for buyers but having saturation of the same sounding tracks is the real issue. IMHO. :slight_smile: PEACE, LOVE AND OTHER NICEITIES.

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The trick is to find a balance between top sellers and new items in the search results.

Right now, there’s a miniscule chance anything new will get the chance to become a new top seller. In my opinion, that’s the main issue. AudioJungle is special in that new items still had the chance to become new ‘hits’. For the affected search terms tweaked in the update, that’s not going to happen anymore unless new items are given back the exposure they previously had.


+1 to thread and +1 to bring down review time again.

But I think both depends unless tons of uncertified new rookies spam the queue cause there is no reglementation or pre-quali audio test of skill to let them sell there stuff here.

So nobody needs to wonder why reviewers are overrun by mass.
That´s one of the reason why sales seem to better the years before.