Idea for search algoritm update


Hi community!
I have an idea how Envato can improve search system. All we know that search order of items (best match) based on sales quantity (with some balance to date release, except top searches aka “corporate”). And it was very great before ADP. Maybe now it’s time to update search algorithm based on item earnings , not sales. This will help to promote items with better quality and to get higher search positions to them. And this will help to get Envato more earnings!
I hope you will like my idea! :blush:

Have you seen the "Top new files"?
This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!

Hi my friend! This idea is just a bomb. I hope that Envato will read this topic and bring it to life.




+1. This idea have been discussed here several times already, adding revenue as factor together with sales number and date of release: AJ's search algorithm is not sustainable. The Popular Files list is going stale. and here: Search Engine Improvement Suggestions (No Complaints!)

But a great idea can not be repeated enough. If this is idea is possible to implement, the market would definitely see a brighter and more lucrative future. Most authors do not know what their work is worth, and this would force authors to think more like businesses, do market research and not be blinded by sales numbers.


I saw this topics. They suggest something different solutions of search system problem :slight_smile:
Now you can get higher position when you set lower price ($5) and get higher quantity of cheap sales. My idea can bring some balance to prices. Because if you sell with normal price you will get similar relevance with lower price items. It’s will get more balance and more quality and more money to market. And more freedom with pricing.


Excellent thought, high-quality work can not cost a little, but in this way it will receive more attention than the track for $ 5.


Yes it´s a great idea, quality will potentially rise up from the darkness in the search engine. Most authors would follow the “sweet market spot” when pricing themselves instead of all the “dirty $5 races to the bottom” that currently is happening.

Authors are very much influenced by what other authors are doing, so a change like this would bring more balance in the market. It would also help for over saturation of the market, because authors will understand that making quality is more important than pumping out big numbers of tracks just to “survive”.


Very good idea!!




Totally agree! recently I was write this idea in other theme here! fully support!


Great idea! It’s time to end with this misunderstanding! (All for $ 5 in many requests)! Envato, please listen to the authors finally!


Extremely great idea!

Unfortunately, now, when the authors started total dumping and set a price of $5 for their work, the number of sales of the track can no longer fairly display the quality of the track.

I wonder if Envato ever listened to the ideas of the authors? Can anyone remind me of such cases if they were?
Or maybe it will be the first time in the history of Envato?)


Yeah. Earnings would be a more clear indicator of track’s commercial value, rather than sales quantity.
Some would not like to reveal their earnings, but this info ( actual track’s revenue) can be hidden- we just need position in search.


cool idea! +100:sunglasses:


fully agree






I like this idea! +1 from me.




Ye, changes to search algorithm would give me more incentives to upload good content, as of now, it is really depressing