Search Engine Improvement Suggestions (No Complaints!)

Since the previous search engine thread has been thoroughly derailed, let’s start another where it’s all about suggestions (no complaints!).

Which changes would you like to see to help make the search engine better for authors and buyers alike?

I’ll start off with a few:

  1. Make “Best Match” for popular keywords accessible to new items.
  2. Make tags matter, so we can get away from “titles” that are collections of keywords.
  3. Take revenue, not just number of sales, into consideration in search rank

Let’s hear from you!

  1. Tags before titles.
  2. Tags before titles.
  3. Tags before titles.
    Tags before titles.

Let authors finally use normal, creative titles for their work and focus on tags instead. This is a no-brainer, has been asked for a millon times, and will help make this marketplace look like a grown up, serious creative outlet and not an autistic lemming hell.


Hi @trent-aus Just a quick little question which would be very useful for further discussion about this:

Do you personally believe it is technically possible to remove the title weight in the search engine for music only? (Without affecting all the other media types that might benefit from a title weighted search system)

Thanks in advance for your insights to this!

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I would like to see a wider range of genre’s added. For example indie cinematic, alternative, singer-songwriter, vintage…or maybe add moods as well? This surely would help to make the search easier and would take care of some of those tags.

Basically to be a bit more detailed in the pigeonholing…we need that with the vast amount of tracks!

That would give customers a broader and more defined experience, instead of ploughing through thousands of the same tracks that aren’t really relevant! To make it more defined surely would be a good start.


Stocksounds mentioned that having SEO titles (which is what we have now) is beneficial for google search. We must assume Envato are aware of this.

So my question is: what are the problems of having both SEO title and Display title/optional title for tracks? IF we imagine the search engine is triggered by the good old tags alone?

We have to remember some authors have 500 items of SEO titled music tracks that they might want to keep that way. Then they could just copy paste the SEO title —> Display title/optional title. Or maybe it could be automated so the display title is just SEO title if Display title is left blank from authors.