Idea for search algoritm update


Great suggesion! AudioJungle needs it.


Great offer!

I keep the idea with all 5 paws!


I completely agree.


I like this idea! Envato would be worth listening to opinion the authors


Good idea! I agree with it! If someone wants to put a low price, let … But this should not contribute to getting to the TOP!


Fully support!


Absolutely agree !!!


:no_entry:Do anything! The market is plummeting! Most of the tracks in the “top new files” - less than $ 10 !!!:no_entry:


This very good idea. I am for it.




I fully agree with this.
Lets see for current situation- for example Top New Items page. First page filled up for tracks with under 10 price . Same thing for regular world - key input. The authors can not be on higher positions because the top position already stuck with tracks for 5 . It is not good value for all of us. ( many authors will be change the price for up In future- it is not good result for current search system) Now , with ADP we are need new search system. Thanks !.






I have already raised this issue. But perhaps it is a good idea to put this item in a separate discussion.


In this situations will be good to - switch off the sale indicator for each track .


Wow! It really is a good idea! Let’s hope for feedback from Envato community :slight_smile:


Fully support! If no lower price threshold, please, do this at least. It will not break anything that already works well, but protect us from this race to the bottom


I agree, idea is great! :+1:t2:


+1 great


I am also here, fully support!!!