Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

Yeah I got it. My point is any tweaking of categories layouts and parameters etc. also relates to how people search and find your music, you know. :slight_smile:

Not sure if the post is right, but this is the best thing ever. It needs proper bling however :slight_smile:

I would also suggest adding somewhere (perhaps include on those new links on the popular items page) a link to the popular WooCommerce items.

Except for the few WC themes that make it to the general popular items page, everything else has no extra exposure.

ahahaah i just got frustrating bcz i lost my free time holiday just to find the right items and i throw topic about this than i found this topic :joy:

Were those categories in WordPress weekly popular changed, can’t see categories that were there before, you guys still testing it?

And one more thing we noticed ever since this experiments started periodical spikes in sales and extremely bad sales. If it’s the case, the experimenting is hurting our sales… those good spikes are not that bright :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it does not affect the search algorithm. But it’s not ok for new authors and new items. I think it’s not a good idea. Because when a purchuaser come to the main page, he sees the items, that was in trend many years ago. I hope you turn back to the “newest items” standard sorted


I agree with you.

I would like an option to disable this new sorting, as I prefer to see new items first, and don’t want to have to change it to Newest every time.


These tests are really weird.
On my computer when i click on the logo catergory they are sorted by «trending items» and on my mobile (iPhone) it’s sorted by «Best rated»… Really !!!

Again, in same category (logos) the «trending items» are old logos, logos with no sales…everything except trending logos… it’s really not good !!!

I noticed a decrease in my sales… it’s not funny at all !!

If you HIDE new items like this & favor the “best rated / best seller” items , then how “new” items will be “visible” and have the chance to be one of those “best rated / best seller” items anyway?


I just made a kit in children category, it is suppose to be in first page for a while, but it is in the last page, the one before last item and no views since the change !
is that fair?

We all in this situation
I think it’s pointless to upload new items until they make another search.Much more friendly to new items.


I found something a bit unfair with this kind of search display.

The newest items are made by authors who are actually active and ready to improve the marketplace with new stock. But when it’s sorted by the ranking or trending items (that in fact are not trending) it’s not always active authors with great skills that are displayed. You even have authors who are not active and didn’t upload anything new since a long time, and they are displayed in the 3 first pages. So these authors are rewarded with more visibility than those who are active and aware of new trends in design ?

To Envato team who work on this, i can provide you real feedbacks on my situation with this items display when we click on logo catergory. It’s not algorithm, but it’s my real life on the marketplace:

My sales are decreasing and presently when i sell logos, they are not the new ones. Before these tests, my sales on newest logos was really good.

So for my company, it’s not really good :frowning:
Hope it will not stay like that…

I know that Envato is a really professional company and they will take the best decision…


I was recommended to this market as the one where the new templates are. I see only old, not relevant to me. It is not comfortable.
I want to support the authors of the new templates.


You want to buy a new car and you go to a dealer for buying this car
Do you expect to see :

  • Old model car
  • Old car but with a good rating
  • Old car but with good sales in the past
  • Trending car (but random)
  • New model car (with the same price as the older car)

What kind of cars that the dealer expose in the show room when you walk in ?


New model car (with the same price as the older car)


Bestsellers will still prevail, but at least give one chance for new authors!


Hey folks,

Just jumping in here to quell some concerns.

The current test that we’re running isn’t actually one that we’re considering rolling out for permanent production. Instead it’s a temporary test that’s intended to gather data around how the customer base responds to different types of search displays. It’s an information gathering initiative that’s part of a broader series of experiments. It’s not a proposed “option” for how search might one day function.