voice-chat adviser

im looking if there is anything here like hire someone to talk with me and pay him per hr i dont need customize i just need someone to guide me to right category or what do i need to make that things work … other website do that but they will only guide me to their product … i loved envato-market so i decided i will buy only from here i have got so many ideas but im sickk of googling… i just need to hire someone who is good with WordPress… last time its took me 3 days to find the right category only bcz im total noob… im remember also few months ago first time i found this website i got total lost.
i dont make any business i just love spend my free time playing with those items once its finish i give to any of my friend or just delete i start this hopy few months ago now i cant stop its just so fun to spend free time.


Interesting idea!

The customer forum section, specifically the “looking for” section is a pretty good place to start. Quite a few authors are in there are happy to help you out.

Do you want to be specific about what you’re trying to create?

i have already found but its took 3 days to get it … hold on mnt i will try give u idea what im thinking wait mnt

i wish if there was box options to go live-voice chat even if i have to pay for example 100$ 250mnts this could made my life easy … i always lose my free time just to try to find what i need… im sure many customers like me.

there are things cant be explain by writing for noobs like me only live-voice chat or something like pc screenviewers…
most of time i end up connecting to someone with team-viewers software and i show him from my pc what im looking… this very beautiful big market website.

im just got frustrating every time i look for something i cant describe it by i end up her looking everywhere… if i try in google its take me to other website wish i dont want to deal with …

thanks good night