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Hey guys!

I had some thoughts about support and i want to share with you.

Everybody knows, to submit a ticket takes long time, but even the time is less, authors want sometimes, some extra help (mostly beginners), and i understand the team can’t send again and again replies to 1 author and at the same time need to do extra work.

But, I think all is about management. I’m not the perfect guy, i want to help with a suggestion.
As you can see, envato is a big marketplace and do steps again and again to be perfect!

But the important step here is not to create the perfect badges, the perfect forum and other similar first. Yes of course, you need all but support system is going back. That’s my view.

What i suggest? I understand an online chat to solve issues (important: rejected items) is too hard work, but i think can.

For example: I have an item, and support it 100%. If item have 10 downloads every month, and i have 7,8,9 questions from 10 buyers, i can answer right? Yes! But if next month have 100 downloads, and i have 80 or 90 or 100 emails from buyers or next month i have an item with 1000 downloads and need to answer to all of them, what need to do? To close the support option or to pay for someone else to help me?

I understand there are too many authors here. But the “problem” is envato need to see us like buyers not authors only. Don’t forget, if we still alive here, buyers will coming again and again. So, what we need? A little help sometimes…

So, there are jobs for reviewers… It’s time to create new job category for “Live Chat Support”, don’t you agree?

And one more thing about chat. I don’t talk about chat like facebook, friend with friend. For example to be some rules, like every author in day to have 3 questions only. Or envato will accept this and this and this questions about this and this only…

This is my suggestion, and i want to hear yours. Maybe someone to know more details about support issue, i don’t know everything… That’s why there is forum! : -)

Just to be clear are you suggesting:

  1. Live chat that supports authors with their questions etc.


  1. That envato hires live chat staff to help authors with supporting their own clients and buyers?
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Envato to create a live chat to help authors. That’s it.

Today i have question about reject, or other question.
Tomorrow i have question with my buyer (not outside client… i talk about envato marketplace) with this item, what can i do?

Questions to be clearly and to have an answer. That’s the point!
The way to do that, hire or anything i don’t know of course how want to do… I talk about final result!

So like live chat dedicated support fort authors?

Two reasons why live chat will never work unfortunately:

  1. for buyers (not relevant to this suggestion but to make it clear before someone suggests it). All files are unique and support staff can not be familiar with every one nor author policy.

  2. for authors.

First issue is that it will just he clogged up with futile requests and questions like the existing support system (even if you cap the daily limit).

What happens if live support needs to refer to another department - then the queue gets even longer.

Second you hit the nail on the head saying “envato need to see us like buyers not only authors” - so why should an author get preferential live support?

This marketplace is a 3 way street that has to balance envato, authors and buyers alike.

Any suggestion to help is good but I feel this would be flawed.

Another good example “today I have a question about reject” - so the reviewer who rejected the file needs to be on live chat all the time to answer which will make the review queue very long OR live support has to refer the question to them at which point you are using the same support system as you have now.

I know website (not marketplace) with online chat and is working. You will told me: Are there too many people there? The answer is no. But there are many people (clients is the right word).

About your suggestions, i can’t say anything, everybody have their views. So for you, is not big problem to work or not a support system 90-100% perfect. For me, support is the number 1.

I talk about online support because email support taking days… That’s it!

And about your latest post (reject), i don’t talk about this you said. If you read my first post i talk about new guys not the same reviewers. But even is the same reviewer or other reviewer what is the big problem? More work??

And about the same support system you said, that’s the point of all topic… To change the same support philosophy. As i see you are not author… Is affected you and you give me that suggestions? I want to help and i think i get an “attack”.

This is my suggestion and this is yours. That’s it.

It’s not an attack in any way at all and you are absolutely right I do not sell here but that does not mean that it do not have a good understanding of what is important from both buyer and seller perspective.

I never said there were too many people, nor did I say that support works 90-100% of the time. In fact I said that suggestions are good, and I agree it does take a long time.

I also understand that you are referring to other staff and not just reviewers but if as in your example your question was about why you are rejected then it has to go to the reviewer who rejected you hence why live chat would only help if they happened to be on there.

Again this is not an attack - Maybe I mis understood but you are talking from the pointing view of the benefits to authors. That’s fine as it is important to you and other authors BUT all I am doing is adding a point of view and asking why is an authors question more important than a buyers question?

Ok no problem!

Is not authors questions important than buyers. But we are a chain my friend!
Why buyer to have a live chat? A buyer get an item from me. The first i can think (as buyer) is to contact with author not with envato.

The all point is: Envato help Authors, Authors help Buyers. And the story goes on…

Of course the life is not like fairy tales, so if there is a “bad” buyer, or author don’t give the good answer to buyer, then buyer can submit a ticket. So, simple!

I want to say, more chances in day to get envato more and more emails from authors. That’s why a suggest a fast way (online answers, solve issues, etc), live chat.

I suggest live chat for authors only. Envato can create a live chat system for both sides. I don’t know, just ideas…

I second your thoughts, Odiusfly. I think there should be a team of live chat support agents to handle the queries and questions of the customers. And, if they outsource business to another reliable BPO company, this will not just save their time, but enable them to address as many customer problems as possible too.