Envato market Authors possibly serious issues

We’re a first-time seller on Envato market trying to upload our first product and during the process, encountered the following serious issues:

  • a company that claims to have $825,018,784 community earnings has no phone support
  • and no chat support
  • no uploads notifications via email (meaning you’re in the dark)
  • dashboard is extremely confusing you have to guess the “Hidden Items”
  • while first rejection was very clearly documented, second has zero feedback
  • it feels like a maze and not sure if this was created on purpose or it is a terrible mistake that no-one cares to fix
  • It’s a big company and things should be managed by email
  • There’s a ticket support system ( even though it’s slow )
  • Make sure you turn on the notifications on your profile settings.
  • Hidden items are for the items are on the way to get approval ( only visible to you )
  • Depends on the submission, they may just use a copy/paste message

Thanks @ki-themes in the meantime I figured out some details:

  • things are confusing, wrongly done, in 2000s was OK, not anymore …but with a lot of effort and clicking, you can find the answers e.g.:
  • notifications must be turned on indeed (this should be thought over but yes it works)
  • the replies are there only not updated, a click on “History” reveals latest details
  • there should be a reward for those who figure out the system in less than a day :smiley:

In 2000s, there were 100 people using the internet. Now, it’s 1 million. ( in a figure of speech )

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What century do you live? :grinning: Phone support! Facebook, Google, etc. do not have phone support either. Because it’s literally insane to provide phone or chat support for a huge amount of users for FREE.

We all pass that…
I agree that you are frustrated a little bit, but, Envato is more like a big family. We respect each other, we are based on some kind of trust and learning every day. This is not quick rich scheme. You must work, spend a years to be successful here. I can assure you that everything is ok with Envato company, you just need to work.

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@secondfalseiteration thank you for the comment, your point has the following flaws:

  • you’re comparing a free service to a paid service (Envato collects up to 55% for acces to it’s marketplaces)
  • your example compares two companies with ~1,500,000,000 users to a marketplace with ~1,500 authors
  • I do agree with no phone support, and understand the no chat support but a ticket system (for the Authors side) would be appropriate for a company with 59,274,969 items sold
  • there is a problem with the FREE in this sense

@miseld thanks for the reply! I see your point and agree with it. My frustration is coming from certain flaws that you can’t possibly notice as an experienced user. Details that could be very easy to fix but can create really hard time for newcomers. I would enumerate some if I knew it may help Authors in the future. As for now, I go with your advice and the help from @ki-themes -Thanks again!

@ki-themes would you mind pointing me to the Ticket System. I sent two messages here but no email confirmation and no trace of any ticket being created. Thanks!

That’s the old link Try this

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@Yatko I understand that you are facing some difficulties. And being a first-timer, it’s kind of a black box to you.

I am sure that you would be experienced but I am also dealing with marketplaces for the past 5 years, and trust me to mate, this is the best marketplace that I have been so far. I might not have been as successful as other authors have but I have made a handsome amount of money, it didn’t seem possible while dealing with other marketplaces earlier.

I accept that their dashboard and other handling are not as advanced as it should be, but it’s worth it. Have patience and keep trying, it could turn to be the best thing that has ever happened to you :wink:

I wish you all the best mate! Cheers!

@opuslabworks I completely agree, as a buyer I am here for several yeasr with always positive, quality experience. This was the reason I raised my voice against easy-to-solve details that unnecessarily make every newcomer’s first days a hustle. For me it is way more convenient to stay quiet and not spend my time on this however, if something could be fixed with almost no effort and would benefit many, why not try it? I also see the community being very helping and friendly, even more reasons to improve. Maybe someday one will ask what’s wrong and fix it.

After a few weeks, details will be obvious so I won’t be able to give a productive negative feedback :wink: