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I like to request from Envato help team Please introduce 24x7 online chatting system for authors. Because then we can get quick answer from adviser. I hope this is very helpful for authors. I hope will review this. thank you.

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I don’t think they will do. Things take time on Envato…

We appreciate the feedback on this mate, but honestly, I can’t say if / when this will be implemented! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the message @Enabled. Yes. I know. However I hope you have recorded this feedback. Thank you for the your time.

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Mate, my suggestion, send this to Envato Authors Help and Support as feedback. They’re always keen on getting feedback from the community. There are lots of great ideas that land there and help out the staff in determining what the community needs/wants and what can be implemented.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

Live chat is not really possible I think… hehehe would be great but… lets go back on earth. But maybe… who knows.

anyway -> I think if we can see somewhere inside our author panel / dashboard our opened ticket / tickets and next to every ticket information like:

  1. Solved (when ticked is closed and solved) /
  2. Opened (when ticket is opened and we are still in e-mail conversation with staff) /
  3. “second” in line (when we opened the ticket and we’re waiting for contact from staff - in this case for example we are second in line).


They had this feature before you could track the previous ones but they disabled it back then 4 years ago, can’t remember exactly