Buyers Support Experience



Hi we appreciate buyers a lot. They are the ones that keeps us, authors, alive even.
But some of them are not that good enough to serve him well.

I got a buyer who want to support all features he want to have for his website (or clients?) I don’t know for sure.
And he created a lot of support threads in our support forum, created many tickets that ask for many features that our not advertise or on the demo.
I got his/her idea and say ok I will consider and update later but he/she want to update it within the next hours meanwhile it will take us a lot of effort to customize.
but still he give bad comments & complain on my item comments page.

So I would ask for your kind experience, how to deal with this.

  1. Ignore him.
  2. Suggest him to refund
  3. Ask him extracost for customization ( I don’t think this works as he/she said he bought $49 for a premium theme & support).
  4. Leave this market, these place are full of this kind of buyers and you can’t avoid them lol



I would send them a link to the official support policy and explain politely that while you are willing to help out of courtesy (not obligation) that the changes take time.

Unfortunately you will always get buyers like this - it’s not a reason to leave (it’s not an exclusive issue to here!). In reality the good buyers vastly out number the less favorable ones - it’s just authors will not come here to comment on the good ones like they do about the bad situations.

envato have said they are looking into the question of comments and rating around support esp. that which is expired or out of scope so hopefully they will be able to help protect authors more in the future.


Thank you very much for your sharing charlie4282.
It consoles me that I’m not alone in such the annoying stage there. :smile:


nah, he won’t stop and keep creating a lot of comment/ new support threads to support on modifying the code that he needs to do for his clients and if I said it’s not available on this. Although some of his requests may be useful to others as well but he asked me for immediate update to fulfill his requirement.
How can I get Envato involved about this? he even abuses his so-called-premium-$49-template-buyer to spam 2x topics on his very specific requirement? is that Envato should protect us from those not-knowing-support-policy users?
Since a buy can ask for a refund, can an author ask for such similar privilege to give him so-big-money back…!!!