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This is what we dont like about buyers, they don’t understand how rating works…
"last chance to help me or I write a terrible review"
This is what a buyer said to us after she asked for a theme customization work.
What can we do? Any real solution?

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Thats awful, im sorry your being blackmailed in this manner

Id strongly suggest to screenshot whatever threats have been thrown at you and contact support - this kind of thing is not to be tolerated and should you receive a bad rating from this person, I would think they would be more than happy to remove it as it clearly unjust

Good luck, please do keep us updated, id like to know you get a positive result from this



I think you should contact her and deliver her whatever she wants because customer satisfaction is everything in the Business and its good to help others.
Thank you

HaHa! Are you serious? So, you are going to design a website next time client purchases your theme? lol

Read the support policy.

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I think no. @evantodesign need to read the support policy again.

Don’t try to be more helpful than need. If buyer want to give a bad rate to author, with this or other way will do.
The only you can do is to support any buyer within support rules. You can try to explain her with all respect of course, nothing more.
If can’t understand at the end, is not your fault.

And another thing, keep the email conversation and of course this: “last chance to help me or I write a terrible review”, and when give to you at the end a bad rate, send a ticket to envato and explain them all situation, maybe you 're lucky and this rate will remove it.

That’s not ‘not understanding how the ratings work’, that’s something completely different. Be polite, friendly and helpful, give advice on how to get what she wants, but it;s made very clear to buyers that customisation isn’t included.

Terrible advice I’m afraid. Customer satisfaction is everything, but there is always going to be exceptions where you shouldn’t bow to their demands. Especially if they are blackmailing you with a bad review.

Since you are the owner of your own item, so you have right to take your decision whatever you want. I was my advice. If I was in your place I would have talked to her and explain her politely.

Well, this are pretty simple. Either you spend the time for this unhappy customer to get a good rating, or you get a bad rating because you left the customer unsatisfied. It’s as simple as that :slight_smile:

I think you can safely ignore this threat for now. If you indeed get a bad review, contact envato support with the details. I’m sure they will remove the review and warn the account holder. (or ban her)

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I would rather leave this customer and focus the ones ahead.

Yes, this is the best approach. Ignoring them will not only save you from the stress of talking to an angry customer but will also discourage him from trying this (asking for more than he should) in the future. Bad ratings do not mean a bad product, they just mean unhappy customers. Some customers may be unhappy because of things that have nothing to do with you or because they want to get more from you without paying for it. Live a happy life, ignore abusing buyers :slight_smile:

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This is really something Envato should look after. Community authors are having these kind of situations frequently now and then. Envato must come up with something to handle this.I have posted a suggestion in this regards you can have a look on it and share your views. New Feature Suggestion for Envato Rating System


We are not going to give any extra customization because she is angry, we think it is not correct.
After all, the bought a good product and the rating is for the product, I know support is included there but we should give 1 star only because she is angry. It’s kind of manipulation work…

She continue writing this like this:

  • “I am getting very angry at your support now…first warning before a major review is written”

  • “last chance to help me or I write a terrible review”

Sometimes the buyer don’t understand what a support is, and she doesn’t even care about us, we are offering free support, we are here to help and she give us this kind of answer, wow, it is so disappointing. Clients like her are not looking for explanations, they are always looking to get what they want at any cost. We will be looking into the product review and if we get a recent bad rating we will contact Envato for sure.

Sometimes clients like her also ask for a refund… have you guys been in the same situation?

I don’t think helping customers like that is fair on the other customers that respect the author and their time. Why should rude customers get a better deal than then other customers?

Your time could be better spent on your items - your followers who buy your themes would appreciate that more…

If I was in a shop and someone got given something free because they were acting like that - I as one of the other customers would be miffed!

This simply isn’t possible for bigger authors. Particularly so for elite authors. Starting out you can do this, but long term you’re setting an unsustainable precedence.

As I said some time ago: the customer paid for the item, thus he can rate it however he feels about that item. Not only on envato, but on all marketplaces and real-life rating systems there are customers who are never satisfied and always rate negatively. Those customers are only a small percent of the customer base, so getting a 1-star review once every 100 ratings is not going to hurt you that much.

So, my suggestion again: angry customers will always be angry no matter what, try to ignore them/offer refund if they want it. The time and stress to try and make them happy is not really worth the money.

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True, the odd negative rating in 100 doesn’t effect your sales but envato does not condone blackmail and if someone does you should contact envato support

Oh, she is great!

Now she is adding some comments on our item! I contact Envato and they did nothing!
We are still dealing with it! Alone, with no Envato support.

Check this! She was asking for customization, she doesnt know how to setup or change anything, she is asking for help to edit pages and she doesn’t understand that this is not part of the support free service… We think Envato is not CLEAR about this.