Bad Threatment after a review for a theme


Its normal to receive a Threat like this after leave a real review from a theme?

I already bought this theme and the support service its still valid.

It is unprofessional indeed, but it is also not possible to tell who is in the right without knowing the full context.

You should get in touch with Envato Support if you need helping to move forward on this.

Thank you for the reply.

Basically i bought this theme and after tons of mail without any kind of reply i decided to put them a 2 star review with all the info to know about these sellers (these are not new an have more than 3k sales)

After this review they start to blame me istantly, but continue to dont fix any issue, after week they start to fix few issue (theme its really buggy so arent my fault but truly bug of the theme), but on every mail there are this mention to clear or give to them a nice review if…they stop to support me.

This is not the only one already now i received one, after a fixing request mail.

Yes i contact the Envato support but after a week no raply at all.

If you know some other place to submit a ticket i will be glad.


Envato Support is currently super overloaded and it can take up to 10 business days to get reply. And honestly, I can’t even guarantee they will be able to help.

If the theme is as bad as you are describing then maybe just ask for a refund. Sometimes it is just isn’t worth it.

Yes but the theme is already on production and huge customized (by me).

I was thinking there was just a customer support from the market, because we can leave alone on these kind of mess. Also the Envato Market have to care about their customers (i think)

Just in case, where i can find a place to hire a developer? just someone who can help me to fix deep issue from another theme?


It is not really possible to police thousands of marketplace authors. That is a negative side of having a marketplace with such a vast selection of items.

You can hire someone at

Usually the customer service should be professional and compared to the Market you actually manage.
If you cant, you could hire someone to help you or limit the product inside.

Its just my point of view.

At the end all earn money from here…so.

Thank you for the link you provide me.

It’s the difference with this business model.

On the whole Themeforest items are well built and managed. Inevitably there will be some that slip through the net (not an exclusive issue with envato).

Envato offer vastly more choice and, in general, quality than any other marketplaces simply because they don’t own the items like most others. This is unquestionably why they are the biggest.

The downside to this is that they cannot enforce the same level of control or guarantee

Regretfully, (speaking as a buyer) if we want to go down the cheaper option route then inevitably, regardless of what envato do or try, there will be some degree of risk of issues

Feel free to contact me via this link or Studio, I’d be happy to help you