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Anyone can help?

I had a similar problem a few years ago, someone didn’t take the time to ask any questions or try and get help, they just claimed that my preview image was completely different than what the item was, which wasn’t true by any means, they must have just not followed the help file. Anyway, they left a 1 star rating with a negative review. I contacted support and they removed the review/rating, a few hours later they left another 1 star rating with the same review, so I did the same thing. This continued for quite a few days until Support told me that I’ll just have to accept the bad review as they have a right to express their experience.

Unfortunately there is no way to respond to a review or contact the person who left it, so I was never able to try and work out the problems they were having.

This might just be something that we have to accept in this industry, all we can do is just keep putting out good products so that the good reviews outnumber the bad.

Let support know - this is something they would need to help with

No - I don’t think that.
You can accept this customer spam comments on your item with “Don’t buy this theme”?
A customer buy it from 4 months ago and for now want to refund while he still using our theme?
A customer threatening to provide 1star rating and we need to accept it?

No - It’s impossible.

I did that 6 days ago and no reply, for now he still spam our comments.

I don’t mean to give into his threatening, but that’s what support told me those few years ago. The guy spammed bad ratings/reviews and after trying many times to stop it, I was told all I could do was just let it be.

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