customer is threatning to give a 1 star review

a customer have bought my theme a few days back, and by the moment he bought the theme he is bothering that the item is lacking this and that and so on. he is demanding to add new functionalities as a support. Otherwise he will post a 1 star review and will report to Envato market. what should i do?

Customers can not use ratings to threaten or demand changes. If the customer does this, please open a help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center. Our Help team will remove the rating.


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@THEASCII - I had a similar situation recently, even worse, the guy 1 started me and then continued to write offensive comments in the item section, with no reason.
I took this to Envato and they handled it exemplary, so please talk to Envato, they will always help if you are right, even if sometimes it takes time for them to reach your request.

I have the same situation… Buyer already left a 1 star review. Contacted the help team 3 days ago…no reply :frowning:

I’m sure that if the review is removed, buyer can rate the item once again…right? Which is a nonsense

No. Envato can make it so that that customer cannot rate your item again or even leave comments for the item.

They’re super busy nowadays, i was in the queue for almost a week this time, but got an answer finally.

Agreed. We’ll be addressing this situation when we update rating functionality.

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