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Hello everybody,

I’m an author on Codecanyon. Recently, My item has got many one-star reviews. We checked it and not found any problems. In some cases, they are not my item workflow. I tried to contact the customer but no response. I contacted Envato supports. They are removed review then the customer makes a new one-star review again. It is loop many times.

Who is meet this case and how to resolve it?

I think it’s better to submit a support request here. There’s an option “I need help with rating or review from a customer” (“My Items and Uploads”). Tell them about that customer, maybe they will block his account.

We contacted Envato supporters more than ten times. I think they never block.

Yea I had this problem a few years ago. Envato eventually told me that there’s nothing more they can do if the customer just keeps leaving the same 1-star review.

What’s the strategies behind the rating change ?? At least user can rate 1 time not more then. But on this platform user rate it 100+ times. Can any one explain me why user rate 2 or more times ? Why rating has been change continues ?? What is the goal ??

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If they purchase the item more than once, they can rate more than once.

Don’t waste your time on wrong customers. The support policy is straight forward, it says what you need to do, and that’s basically replying to their questions. They cannot ask you to do something instead of them or in their behalf, like login to my website and fix things. Just say it’s not under policy. If they leave an idiotic review, remove it, if they leave it again, remove it again and eventually they will be banned from making a review. And yes, focus on the good things, don’t let idiots bother you.

Here’s how we do support. Our private website is our private website and if we let them in they can talk to our support. By default, and publically we do support in the item comments as stated here Support for Product Filter for WooCommerce | CodeCanyon

So, as long as you’re replying questions in the item comments section to your customers you’re pretty much legal. Keep your private area private, let anyone in, but ban them whenever they break the rules that you operate on and make them ask for support in public in front of everyone. For now it has proven to be an effective way of handling “the bad guys”.

Don’t log to their website EVER. Always record a video which options should be switched or what should be done, your responsibility ends there.


They won’t be banned though, at least not in my case. Most, if not all of the few 1-star ratings I have are people who either misunderstood the item, didn’t read the description or help doc, and none of them reply or attempt to reach out. I’ve had reviews removed multiple times, one, in particular, was removed 5 times before Envato just gave up and left it.

For me, every review makes a big impact, because lately, I’ve only been getting 1 or 2 every few years.

I also had this case recently. One of my customer give 1 star review many times with a lot of reasons that against the policy of the Marketplace. He even did not want to get the refund and for his last time with the speed reason, the review was accepted and we can’t remove it. Many of our customers told him that the reason is not true even they gave him their advice to improve his website. I think that this buyer is trying to cause damange to our theme but Envato can’t protect us from these kind of people. This is unbelievable.

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