Is Envato Breaking Own Rules Or Not?

Hi friends.

Here’s the new topic about rating, but this time it’s tricky :slightly_smiling:

  1. I received rating for the item which is marked as supported where user states that there is no support even though he did not send any comment or any message. To me this looks like false claim and rating should be removed but envato says that it is all good by their Removal Policy ( ). So I guess buyers can lie in review and it is good

  2. In his review he stated that there is no customization and based on envato’s Removal policy ( ) it should be removed but I also received answer from envato that it is still all good.

So, as I suppose we are community, I decided to ask you what do you think? Should this be removed or not?

Also what do you think about idea to reduce bad rating that envato introduces changes where buyer must contact author and receive reply from him before he can make the rate. If author did not responded in 72h then buyer can proceed with rating without the response.



Its a global problem. They do not remove such ratings. I had similar problem during the last 3 weeks. The customer purchased HTML template for WordPress. He confirmed that it was his fault and even tried to change the rating but for some reasons his account was blocked. Envato support claims that it does not meet Removal policy, though there is a correspondence with the customers where he says that he was wrong and he would like to change the rating but his account locked. That’s sad, and unfortunately we can’t do anything…

Similar thing happened to us. Customer rated theme 1 star because we do not provide support even though it’s stated on item description that we do not provide support. Envato staff said it’s OK.

This will be a huge issue after 1st of March when users will be blackmailing authors for support.

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We have this kind of users too, would love an improvement by Envato here, and i would like to see a reply by them for this specific problem.

Same here. A buyer was BANNED from the item comments for threats to me, but he is still allowed to leave a 1 star rating. Envato said is was within his right, and a valid rating. I personally feel he gave up all rights when he decided to threaten me.

The 1 star rating is just another way he can try and hurt me.


Do they even have a rating removal button?

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The best possible solution is to change star rating to Likes: if you like the theme - press Like, you don’t - nothing happens. More likes - more happy customers, less likes - something is wrong with it. As simple as that.

But let’s wait for the 1st of March, when so called “included support” expires :smiley:


This is ridiculous. Their removal policy says that in this case it will be removed just like customization in my case but they still say that it is OK?

That would the best solution we have… Please envato team consider it, we author will die in second when someone give low rating without any reason… It will impact our sales in the future… Please replace rate system with like button… Anyone will not have chance to cheating anymore…

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I totally agree. I have similiar situation.
Bad rating because we didn’t answer customer question… but when i talk with him after rating it turned out that he didn’t send any message to our suport team :smiley:

More her: Most ridiculous reviews and envato can't do nothing.

Hi Laborator.

They said that it is ll good and that they can not remove it even though they stated that they will remove it if it is customization and do not to mention that user said no support even though on items it says it is supported and he did not send comment or message which envato can check in their logs.

So Remove policy is there not to be used and further more buyers can lie in the comment it will all be good. :frowning:

At the very least I believe all rating’s comments should be public for potential buyers. The customer’s comments and the author response should be visible so potential buyers can see what’s behind the actual ratings.