Refund & Ratings

Hi people.

If buyer got refund is the rating removed or we need to contact support ( specifically for bad ratings ) ?


Very interesting question. Anyone?

Rating is fixed. Only buyer can change rating.
And here is the the common message from support.
“Unfortunately all ratings are final and there is no way for us to edit/remove a rating if it’s within the community guidelines. We are currently looking at ways to improve the system, and you’re more than welcome to submit your request in the future but at the time all ratings are final. Have a nice day!”

Why should it be removed?

Because ones buyer receives refund he can no longer rate or change the rate, option is gone for him and we are stuck with bad rating.

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I think whole rating system is very bad.

I received one star rating for my AE template from customer, which dont know how to edit it (btw, customization is very easy and videotutorial is included in every my project).
I offered him customization service for FREE (much more value than price of the template), but he doesn’t want it.
Customer said, that he will remove the one star rating after refund only.

He wrote me, that Envato didn’t want to refund him. So i have one star sh*t rating now, customer is not happy and all other customer see my lower rating. Im asking, why? Why Envato controling refunds? All templates are mine, im selling only licenses to them so i could have option to refund customers.

If i can’t control refunds, i really need option to respond to negative rating. Without it is rating “dangerous”, because one calculating customer (he buys a template, gave me one star rating and then he asks for refund) is enough to destroy rating of novice authors with very few ratings.
5 stars + 5 stars + 1 star is 3,67 stars = average rating = average author = average sales.

So, authors should control the refunds or in the worst case they should have option to respond to rating (second option is not work for 2 months Envato)

It’s Not Removed. We had still see the Wrong Review.

I think It should be removed.

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From my point of view a rating is given for the quality of an item to give potential buyers a hint. And a given refund (which means that the buyer had a good reason for the rating) is not a reason to delete or change a rating. In contrary, it would be very unethical to turn a bad rating into a good one, just because of getting a refund.