Author can remove the review of their product?

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I just reliaze why now the author can remove the bad rating review by their ownself?
It look like unfair to those buyer :sweat:

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No we can’t. At least I can’t.

Edit: Or is there a difference between marketplaces?

Hi Synchrotron,

Because I saw some author can remove the bad rating. To make their product prefect on rating they bad can remove those bad rating, it is quite risky for buyer if they dont know the actual rating.

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No, authors cannot remove ratings on their own. If an author thinks a bad review is unfair, he/she can ask Envato to review the review. If Envato deems the review to be unfair or to breach Envato’s terms, they then remove it.

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Reviews are only removed when they break the TOS of Envato, an author can report a review only Envato can remove it. The review must have been really bad as Envato don’t remove many.


Yeah, if you really think that the review is unfair or slander, you should report Envato team. I met such case once, and Envato removed the review after my report.
About another sellers who often manage to remove bad reviews - they usually offer a refund to bad review author. And in 99% cases bad review author agrees to remove his/her review and get a refund.

Author cant do that. FYI, just my case:

  • A customer bought my theme a year ago, support expired, suddenly comeback with 1* rating for reason can’t install, AND he sent a support message “support me to remove 1 rating*” :smiley:
    Luckily Envato staff removed it :wink:
    Thank staff guys :smiley:

Hi Guaven,

Previously I got tired to refund my money back due to the author support very bad and late give feedback but it was no successful, at the end envato team totally didn’t approve even the author agree to refund but envato team always dont want to refund. “Dead with Money”

Now i don’t know either they got change the rule of refund or not.

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Yeah, now refund policy is different. Now everything is automatized, you request a refund, the author agrees, and you get a refund. That’s all. But if the author doesn’t want to give a refund, then yeah, same old process, you should report to Envato, and they will decide to give or not to give.

Hi Guaven,

But to get approve from Envato it is very very hard:rage:

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If your case meets one of the requirements I.e you have not downloaded the file or the file is genuinely broken etc. Then you will more than likely get a refund.

It’s only right for envato to adjudicate in some cases to prevent buyers or authors abusing the system.

Delayed or lack of support is tricky because it depends on several variables e.g how long replies took, what the request or query was,if the bug is a native issue or bought about by changes made and so on… but again if you are within support period and not getting replies or if it is taking an unreasonable amount of time without solution then I’d be surprised if you didn’t get the refund.