Bad 1 star review for no reason! Can I offer refund to get rid of the bad review?

Hi Envato Community,

Here is our situation! Exactly how the title of this post says, we got a bad review for no reason from one of our buyers.

The question is: Can I offer a refund for his purchase and get rid of that bad review even if the buyer didn’t asked for it? The buyer is unresponsive so we are stuck with this 1 star review.

If yes, can I do this by submitting a ticket to Envato Suport?

Hi, This happened to me also few times for my Search Engine ( Some guys are horrible sometimes, they do not ask any help and just put bad review for which we cannot help. I noticed sometimes this is because their lack of knowledge, and as per my knowledge we cannot offer a refund, only they can start a refund, you can send him a message that you like to give him a refund, if he start’s the refund process, that’s good. then your bad review also will be removed along with the purchase.

Hi, @nelliwinne! I understand you correctly? If the buyer gets their money, the negative review is removed by default?

Yes. As they says “4. When an author approves a refund, the customer’s rating
for that item purchase will be removed, along with the customer’s rights
to use and download the item.” see this post at

Thanks, but at audiojungle, in my opinion, not so. At least, I don’t remember this.

I think it should be removed. ask from support.

Yes, when it’s refunded, reviews are getting removal automatically

Yes, you should contact Envato ask ask for comment removal. This is what you should do instead of offering refund

There’s an active thread about this on the forum (few threads actually) You can check those as well

When you say “for no reason” did they not state a reason (so there could be a reason, they just didn’t share what it was) or did they give a reason that you feel is invalid? Just curious.

There are plenty of customers leaving a one star review with titles like “Bugs”, or “Code Quality”. But when our support team get in touch with them, they refuse to collaborate in order to fix their issues or are unresponsive to our messages.

How we should proceed with this type of buyers? We need to accept bad reviews because of what?!

Any idea?

If buyer had already submitted any support ticket then try to reach him and offer to solve the issues he is facing. If he didn’t contacted you anywhere then you should ask @Envato to remove the rating rather than giving the refund.