Refunds and ratings

Recently I have suggested 2 of my theme users to get refund if they are not satisfied with the product and asked them to contact Envato Support. Usually when I do this I never get that user reply back or any email from Envato Support, don’t know if Envato was refunding them or not but this time I got 2 separate ticket emails from Envato support asking if I have asked user to get refund and if they can initiate the refund. I agreed with replying both tickets that yes I want them to get refund. Now I got sales refund from my earnings, this is okay with me as I asked those users to get refund but I want to ask if I have had 1star ratings from those users will that also be removed from our profile or not. If that is not the case then it is something Envato should address this on a serious note. What you guys think?

You should try contact Envato Support and tell them the story. In some cases they will remove the bad ratings.

Thank you for your reply. But both the users i stated above didn’t rated the theme. I just wanted to ask the community if anyone else have had the same situation where they have a user with bad rating and got the refund eventually. Thanks

Yes well it depends.

If a buyer leaves a 1 star rating and gets a refund for a valid reason (maybe the author is no longer active and the item no longer works) then a 1 star rating should be left there after refund.

You can reply to the ticket like, Please provide refund after removing the one star rating.

If a user has rated a 1 star and got a refund then the rating will not be removed , before refund mail the users to change the ratings , because after refund a user is not capable of changing the rating .

Good suggestion @kodeinfo but sometimes it becomes really hard to ask the user to remove the rating specially the 10 minute gamers(Purchase > Download > Rate)

Thanks for the tip @surjithctly

Thanks @dtbaker