Received 1 star rating after decling the refund

Customer requested for refund by stating ‘the theme is old fashioned , dont have the basic elements’

I asked for more clarfication, but customer didn’t provide any details. I also offered techinical support but customer was insisting for refund.

As per the policy, I rejected the refund.

Customer rated the theme by providing 1 star.

Now again created another request for refund.

What should be done in this situation.

Reject the request refund and contact Envato support for removal of the rating.



Most of my declined refunds will result in a 1-star rating with some lies (as they do not receive any support, etc) just for revenge or to force me to accept the refund.

To be honest, I never contacted Envato for 1 star removed, and it doesn’t make sense to do that as the customer will be able to rate it again and again and so on.

The best thing is just to not care about the rating “game” anymore and move forward.

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I’m not sure how you’re handling the refund requests but so far, I didn’t get any problem after explaining the situation ( with Envato terms/policy links )

Or maybe I’m just lucky.