Unfair customer feedbacks

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I had few (maybe three) situations with unfair 1 star rating → extremely unfair. I asked support (I asked gently and calmly) to help me with this - They did - they removed unfair ratings.

Your attitude won’t help… I mean… →

“Envato Author Support is not helpful” and “My support agent was David (Author). And please we don’t want to see this agent in our support requests…”

It’s sad you had “bad experience”. I don’t understand → I asked support team for things they do not have to do (for example with my company) but they did, and believe me they were very patient and helpful.

Good luck anyway. Peace ;]

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While I feel giving a 1 star rating for you not working at weekends is a bit petty, any rating incorporates both the product and the support/service provided with that product, and if a buyer feels that the provided support service isn’t up to scratch then they’re well within their rights to leave a less than 5 star review.

If you provide support 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and somebody leaves you less than 5 stars due to your support hours then that is 100% completely wrong. If you provide support for 10 minutes one day a week, and somebody leaves you less than 5 stars due to your support hours then that is 100% completely warranted. Between those two extremes is a line, one which will vary for every individual. I think it’s perfectly fine for people not to provide support at the weekends, others might not. Some might be making a personal site which isn’t all that important… some might be on a tight deadline for a big client project. Every situation is going to be different.

Bottom line… anyone who sells or licenses products that give the customer the ability to leave stars, is going to get petty reviews, they’re going to get downright false reviews or reviews that seem harsh to the average person, but unless they’ve left you a review that is factually wrong (which can be proven), are using the review system to force you to do something (which can be proven) or covers something that is 100% out of your control, then Envato are unlikely to remove them and they’re just a part and parcel of how it works unfortunately… hopefully all your positive reviews will counteract them. As it’s within your control to work over the weekends (which I don’t feel you should), and as it’s within your control to provide refunds… they’re valid reviews, as wrong as we may think they might be.

So to answer your question… should we accept all refund requests? That’s entirely up to you, but don’t be surprised if some people aren’t very happy with your decision and decide to leave a negative review.


Customer should contact support if has issues. If support team can’t resolve issus then customer can request refund or can rate theme with 1 star.

If user rates theme with wrong feedback like "theme doesn’t work’ , Envato should check it.
If theme don’t work , why Envato approved to sale ? Theme works correctly.

Also if customer rates theme 1 star for refund , Envato MUST delete it. We have faced with these cases some times and Envato always helped us.


I had conversations with “David” from Envato Author Support exactly feb 14 and 15 this year (so I guess he’s not that “newbie” in department - I checked my email). I won’t share our private conversation but I can confirm he acted very professional and delivered me a quite long and complex answer - actually he was very helpful.

So the point of view depends on the situation.

I DEFEND HIM BECAUSE when something is not ok I see BIG thread on forum “Envato Author Support is not helpful” and “we don’t want him again” etc.

So maybe I will start a new topic on the forum titled “Envato author support is brilliant”.

Why not - let’s be fair.

Refunds → I had one “refund” question in my career - I got an email from customer that he downloaded the item but he didn’t know he need Photoshop for this - his fault because I mentioned Photoshop everywhere in description. He didn’t know how to make refund → I wasn’t familiar to this too… So I asked him to show me where he want his money back and I gave back him his money from my pocket → so actually I returned him all ammount (including Envato provisions and taxes etc. which means I lost actually). But I am ok with that…

I cant count how many times I helped people for free - for example with customization (which is not free)…

happy customer = happy author. Remember :slight_smile:

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Stop calling out the support agent or it’s going to be LockTopic due to the behaviour of LockThemes.

He did contact support. Did you resolve his issue, did you offer to help, what was the issue? He did request a refund… you didn’t provide one so he rated the theme with one star.

You should check it. You’re the author… you’re the best person to know how it works, what it does, what it doesn’t, any limitations, conflicts etc. You should ascertain whether a refund request is valid under the circumstances of each case.


My dear.
Ther are 2 different 1star feedbacks.
One of them, user purchased theme, and requsted refund. He didn’t contacted us for support. Directly rated with 1 star.
And please check this :

He forcing us to give refund.

I’m closing discussion here.

Good day…

Ok, so somebody bought your theme and then they wanted a refund. What’s wrong with that? How are they forcing you to give them a refund?

Giving refund is seller’s choice. We don’t give refund always. If customer faced with issues , and if we can’t solve issues , then we give refund.

Okay can you explain me when this choice works :

So, how customer force author for refund ?

I would like a refund. You will not give me a refund. I am unhappy you have not given me a refund. I am going to leave you a 1 start review as a result of not giving me a refund.

How is any of that ‘forcing’ you to give them a refund?

In this case you are trying to punish sller with giving 1 star.
Please read Refund policy : Refund Policy for Customers | ThemeForest

This is customers feedback :

If page tempalte isn’t working he should contact support as Envato noted :

And in this cases customer should request refund :

And important point :

If customer didn’t downloaded theme , seller should give refund. But if downloaded item , then choice is Seller’s.

You’re not getting it are you? You have customers. Some customers might want a refund. You have the ability to provide a refund. If you don’t provide a refund, some people aren’t going to be happy about that. Those people may express that dissatisfaction via their ability to leave a review.

And that’s pretty much it.

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Ok, customer can leave feedback if didn’t like item. And feedback must be about item or support. Not about seller’s decision. So, shouldn’t use feedback for punish seller. Rejecting refund is seller’s choice. And customer can’t punish seller with feedbacks for this reason. And if customer does it , Envato should help author. At least envato should help us to contact customer. Because we can’t contact with this customer now.

Removiong this feedback is very important for us becaus it’s our new item.

I will contact support again , that feedback should be deleted or Envato should explain us how customers force seller for refund.

Thank you very much too. :slight_smile:

Lock - my advice is to give people refunds. See how much trouble you have now with this review. I know it’s hard because this is your work but you know what? → I was the same until I saw hundreds of my and other authors works on “pirate / scam” websites → if someone want your work for free (or pretty much the similar work) … they will find something like this for free anyway.

just let it go and do your work. I know what I’m talking about man.


You’re right sir. :heart:

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