@Envato: disabling / removing rating from rude customers



This is not the first time an author complains about this and definitely not the last but rude customers expecting to receive customization beyond the support terms and rate with 1 star should have their rating rights blocked because Envato can keep giving us their automated answer


?? staff reply ??


Dont expect any solution. There is two things here

  1. If they allow us to remove reviews than authors who perform bad with support will also do this by removing genuine feedback

  2. If you are using comment system where customer ask for customization and give bad rating thn you can ask envato support with such proof and they will remove the bad rating I believe


u are right in what u are saying … however , we can legitimately wander what is the interest of such a system all the same , knowing that people are more likely to vote in most cases when they are unhappy rather than when they are … which basically means that the system is not accurate and that this is also not fair either for authors , i personally luckily did not get any trouble with the rating system but as for me , this is rather unuseful a thing and as it is today , u can have still some problems as evoked by uouapps and for me this system is rather illegitimate and i know that many others feel the same as i do, at least as it is today …


i am not sure that the term “rude” is the appropriate one, i think that u are rather talking about “unfair” ones, even if sometimes they can be both at the same time according to what i could see fro some guys who posted the kind of unlucky things that happened to u … . Besides, there’s not only about this that they have a work to do , a few days ago , i had a sale reversal (for the first time only, thanks goodness) and this is also very much of a problem, especially as we know much about what the people who do this are likely to do with our works afterwards … aren’t they having insurance just like other selling companies have so that we get the money all the same at least, so that they get paid and that none of us get cheated? U see, there’s much to say about many things indeed … but i agree with u , the system as it is is not purely fair … so many people satisfied who do not pay attention, take time or whatever to rate, i even had a customer who wanted to give 5 stars and who did not do because he did not know how to do , and i did not know myself by the way …


There will always be people out there who give one star reviews for unjust reasons.

What you should do, is work to ensure others see that the user who did is in the wrong.

Make your support and interactivity with comments visibly helpful and responsive.

Ask other buyers to give your item a review - eventually, good reviews will hopefully outweigh the bad ones.

As the person before had said, if there is proof of wrong doing deserving the rating, contact Envato.

Though Envato removing bad reviews (and believe me, we’ve gotten some) would make this less valuable.

The ability to know I can give an honest review is good. Though sometimes, buyers do it with the wrong mindset, either being disgruntle about something you wouldn’t help with, or didn’t take time to read the documentation and due to their lack of effort fail at succeeding with your product or etc.

It happens unfortunately.