Why I stopped giving feedback and why that needs to change...


I am on envato for 7 years now, received my 7 years badge yesterday :), and I’ve always liked the marketplaces and often contacted the author with my experience, bad but most of the time extremely good, and always rate items. But recently I got pressured in changing my rating by authors since they are being notified by envato regarding 1 star ratings.

A while ago I purchased an item after contacting the author about how the file (php category) was build since I needed to change some elements. Author replied promptly and said it was possible, so I purchased the file and found out it wasn’t possible. (Author lied to me to make the sale). I contacted the author and confronted the author and the reply was ‘Sorry english isnt my first language and I wasn’t sure what you meant’. But looking back at the answer the author gave me in my pre-sale email he did understand me.

So what I did is I gave the file 1 star and added my story in the comment box,
A couple of hours later I received several calls (My number is online), over a dozen comments on my sites and clients site (we think he used server ip to trace back our websites) with rude comments and hateful remarks.

I believe rating files is a good thing and I also look at ratings when I purchase files but prefer it if Envato only sees the username etc by a rating. For me, from that point on, decided to stop rating files even if they deserver 5 stars…

Anyone else experience issues like this and what is your view on the matter…?


Harassment is definitely not cool. But being able to contact users about ratings is important as sometimes they haven’t contacted support and we are able to provide solutions. I would think the better solution tham the 1 star would be a refund? You should report them to envato support, ringing you is very very no on.