Rating Items - Customers, what's wrong?

Hey there Folks,

this issue has been adressed several times on the forums, but except that Authors we’re noticing it, the problem hasn’t been solved yet. I’m talking about ratings here:

Personally I have been recieveing at least one or two ratings per month - that was over a year ago. Nowadays it seems like a feature that seems to be either hidden or outdated.

So I tought, instead of making another of those complaining threads on the Authors forum which mostly get read from authors and a couple of staff members only, why not ask the customers directly:

What do you guys think? Is the rating system still relevant or maybe not accessible enough? What can be done better to increase ratings again? Please share your toughts on this.

Mike :slight_smile:

I’m an author but also a customer here. When I buy a product and I’m really happy with it, I instantly put my rating for someones item along with a sentence or two on my thoughts about it. When I’m unhappy with the product I try not to rate it so bad, I like to find some perks in each item even if I didn’t meet my expectations. In general - I put rating to all the items I buy. But I also noticed how people buy, but not rate.

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I’m commenting as both an author and a customer here;

As a buyer, I always leave ratings on items I purchase, but I guess that’s mostly beacuse I’m aware of how important ratings are to authors. If I wasn’t a seller myself I may not have even stumbled across the ratings feature.

I think a system like eBay’s reminders to leave feedback could be implemented with positive effects. Additionally I think Envato could do more to make the rating feature more accessible to buyers; it’s not exactly the most intuitive system at the moment, and many of my past customers didn’t even know the feature existed. Even something as simple as a button next to the item saying “Rate This Item”, or some text below the existing stars on the Downloads page could dramatically increase awareness about leaving ratings and perhaps increase the number of ratings. I suppose it’s also important not to force buyers into leaving ratings, and the fact that they are so rare makes them more special in a way. The more people start leaving ratings, the less gravity they will have on an item.

That said, I do think a rate of 0.89% (my personal percentage) of buyers leaving a rating is too low.

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I don’t like leaving ratings anymore because I prefer writing anonymous reviews. Sure, let the author see my name, but I’m not comfortable with the world seeing it. Just a preference. :slight_smile:

I recently learned that even if you don’t leave a review, the rating still shows your name. Stopped leaving ratings in full.

I still get the temptation whenever I see a file with a poor rating to help the author out. After all, reviews are very biased: you’re more likely to leave a review if it’s negative. But if the file is bad then I generally don’t leave one at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

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