Suggestion for better rating system of Themeforest

Dear all,

How about if a customer rated BAD stars (from 1 to 4) and we have no way to contact him or he is just a competitor?

I see Envato is still stuck in this problem many years and has no solution. But I have an idea which can help you solving this problem easily and help your market having a positive environment.

If a customer rated 4 stars with Main reason: Customer Support (actually, he did not send any support ticket to you), you can remove this review if your TWO future reviews for Customer Support are all 5 stars (those 5 stars reviews do not need to be consecutive).

So on, we need THREE future 5 stars reviews to remove a 3 stars review, FOUR future 5 stars reviews to remove a 2 stars review, and FIVE future 5 stars reviews to remove a 1 star review.

This rating system will encourage authors upgrading their item features and support services to whole new level to make BAD reviews become outdated.

Hope to hear both author and staff opinions about this system.

Thank you.

Great topic, I would like to suggest that Envato also should let us know the buyer email, How can we contact with the buyer if he gives us the bad review but he never contacts us for the support? Hope the staffs can reply this great topic.

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I had 2 times the same problem, contacted Envato team to tell those ratings looked like anonymous messages and suggested we should be able to contact raters.

Maybe it could be possible to contact them using online form, so they would not communicate their email.

So I agree, hope Envato will someday decide to change this.

Maybe not email because of privacy but a reply button where they get a email with the reply. There’s been lots of good suggestions in the past.

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I think Envato can provide “review reply” button to allow authors contacting back customer, but in some cases, the customer is a competitor and he will only make you wasting your time and still keeping his 1 star review.

That’s why, we need a better rating system like I talking above for encouraging authors for upgrading their item features and services, and also can remove anonymous negative reviews.

If a competitor wants to buy some of my files, and rate them all 1 star, then they’re more than welcome to. Their money will be gratefully received, and if somebody is searching by best sellers, then my item will then be a little bit closer to the top of the list whereas my competitor’ item won’t. And they’ll then have slightly less money than me from buying my item. Winner!

I appreciate low ratings might affect sales, but one bad rating here and there isn’t going to make too much of a difference… and you can spend money from sales, you can’t spend stars! :smile:

That’s the way I see it anyway!

Yes, you are all right about focusing on sales than getting headache with stars.

But as my point, stars also affect sales very critical. Themeforest supported filter so you can choose to see what are the best rating themes in this year or whole time. Example:

Here are the best rating themes whole time:✓&term=&view=list&sort=rating&date=&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&rating_min=

And here are the best rating themes this year:✓&term=&view=list&sort=rating&date=this-year&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&rating_min=

We can miss a lot of customers who are focusing on best rating themes, special with a new item. How about new item but got only 3 stars or even 1 star? Death.

All suggestions here are positive and only bring us (authors) better things, so I hope all authors can support this idea. Thank you.

And one more thing, the review of item will be shown on Google search result. So I can make sure, customer review on Themeforest can affect a lot to your sales.


I just opened my Reviews page, and had the very good surprise to see this famous expected ‘Reply’ button.

This is on codecanyon, but I suppose that’s probably the same on Themeforest.

Thanks again to Envato, I think that’s a really good thing.

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Yes, Same on Themeforest. This is amazing, but there is not have the ‘Reply’ button for the older reviews, It would be great if they also have it.
Thanks Envato

@tiennguyenvan Your suggest implemented :smiley: Replying to reviews

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Yes. I respect Envato, they heard our voice.

I encountered such a situation. We tried hard to achieve the top 2 rate (5.00 with 70 rates). But with only a 4-star rate, now it is 4.99 and never returns to the Top Rate again. I can not contact him, is this the tricks of the competition. I am almost desperate about this. The support team said they could not help!