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Occasionally I have a few customers who bought an item in 5-7 years ago asking for support. Of course their support period is expired. So if I ask them renew support license, they will rate 1 star and force me to support them. I think it’s unfair for Author. They take a lot of time to build/maintain an item and because customer can download the item in life-time then they should pay for author when they need support.

I know I can submit a ticket and the Envato team will help me remove that review. But it’s better to update the voting function to only allow voting for customers who are still under support. It will be disabled for customers whose support has expired

This will motivate customers to pay us more and of course both the author and Envato benefit. Authors will have more motivation to develop their items better.

Please comment your opinion here, to build a better community together.

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This has been proposed a few times but ultimately, restricting the ability to leave a review is a very gray area because many countries have laws protecting the right to review. :tired_face:

Thank you very much for reply. Just headache about it.

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