How to handle buyers who give 1 star rating threats?

This is not uncommon thing for most authors here in Envato

Can Envato team help remove the rating if they drop a 1 star rating as that can harm the reputation?


Get in touch with Envato author help center they would like to assist you.


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I usually reply something like this to them:

Thanks for your email!

I do understand that *insert the problem that they’re having and that some authors provide files without this problem bla bla. But for other authors that is not the case.

I have to reiterate that the *plugin was never mentioned to be customizable/other problem that the client came up with. The project is accompanied by a detailed description on the website. The product description alone suggests *that the plugin won’t be customizable/other logical points which prove that the customer is wrong, and the description states *that the css files are compiled/write some other proof that your file is alright and you’re not misleading the customers. The description also includes the dimensions *(change to other technical details) in which the project would be delivered, which are stated as **some technical detail, as this is required by the marketplace. The users can then assess what would be the format of the item before downloading it.

I am truly sorry to hear that you had different expectations for this project, thus I can offer you to provide the uncompiled css etc files for xxx USD (*or inser other solution if you’re willing to sell it to this client). If not, you can browse the extensive Envato catalog for options that fit your budget. I am certain you will be able to find something that satisfies your and your client’s needs!

Best wishes, and please stay safe!
inser your name

So far it has been working :smiley: It logically reiterates that you’re right and client is wrong. It’s not your problem if they can’t read or have nonsense expectations. Then however you offer two solutions to this clients problem and they can choose whatever suits them best. And through all of this you stay concise and logically grounded (very important! especially with emotional clients), polite and problem solving orientated which is essential when dealing with any clients.

You can also send them a link to the refund request page it they want a refund. The thing is Envato still won’t approve their request if it’s based on “I can’t read an expected other things from this item”. But you’ll look like the good guy who allowed them to request a refund just that the bad guy Envato rejected it lol :smiley:

At the end if after all this they still leave a 1 start review just contact Enavto support, show them your emails and I’m sure they’ll see how irrational the client is and will remove the bad review :slight_smile:

I responded with this for his email and I got the 1 star rating to my plugin.

Atamotion & unlockdesign thanks for the suggestion, I have contacted Envato team with screenshots of emails and hopefully they will remove it soon.

Update: The negative review was removed by support team! They understood the situation and took action on the 1 star rating given out of the context.

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Justice done! Good job from the Envato support Team.