Rating disputes, challenge.

Ok, I’m in the writing mod those days.

I have one more situation which is really tricky. Not only for me. For the support staff too and for the future authors. Real situation. Let’s simplify things quickly:

  1. Customer purchased an item.
  2. Opened 30+ tickets in 10-15 days.
  3. I solved all tickets and support queries for 10-12 hours total.
  4. He asked for a refund.
  5. I rejected it.
  6. He left a one-star rating.
  7. Rating removed because it is not allowed to leave a bad rating after refund request. (blackmail)
  8. He left again one star
  9. Removed for the same refund request reason
  10. He insists on a one-star rating

Now, what?

To provide a refund without compensation for 10-12h blood-sucking hours spent and at the same time accept blackmailing? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What you would do? What Envato staff should do?

There have been a few other authors on the forums with similar cases before.

You should continue to respond to your support ticket. After seeing continued abuse, Envato will take action against the buyer. I’m not sure what form that takes (perhaps disabling their ability to review, or even closing their account in severe cases?), but the other authors were able to resolve the situation.

Also worth noting, blackmail is absolutely not tolerated, and if you send evidence of that in your support ticket, they will take swift and firm action.

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Agreed with @baileyherbert. Never under any circumstance accept blackmail. If you have any proof of this occurring, the users rating will be removed even if it’s 5 stars. Refunds will be rejected and Envato will step in.

The terms are here to protect both you and the buyer. With this being said blackmail is NEVER tolerated. On any side. If this ever happens, report it instantly.