Customer restrict with 1 star review to accept refund!

Please take a look at following shot and share me your opinion when customers restrict me to accept refund because he will write a poor 1 star review!!!?

That’s painful to see indeed. If you stand behind your product and indeed it’s not malfunctioning and has no errors and you don’t wish to approve the refund then do so, reject it and explain clearly and in a civilized manner. If the buyer then gives you a 1 star rating, please contact Envato Support and provide the screenshot. This is clear evidence of blackmail and the rating will be removed and most likely the buyer disabled.

Blackmail is not tolerated and is dealt with severely.

Sorry to see your situation is like it is, and I hope it gets solved in a positive manner.

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Thanks for the instruction. I will decline :slight_smile: and contact support if they write 1 star rating :wink:

As I said, be sure you decline only if you are right! Don’t decline if the item truly has a problem and just base the blackmail as a way to remove the 1 star. That will not work. If you’re item is okay and you believe the refund can be rejected, then do so, if you believe the buyer is right, give him a refund! Cheers!

I know my plugin haven’t any problem and we help our customers to fix the problems ( if there was any) but he didn’t requested any help and just created the refund request that you can see in shot!

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You can reject it and inform him that blackmail is not tolerated and report the case to Envato : )

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

My pleasure. You can read more about the refund policy for authors here and for buyers here. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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