Positive things for authors

Hello, I am reading this forum from time to time and almost every day I see new threads called “rejection”. This one is up to you - I can’t help with this.

Sometimes I see posts where authors are telling about 1 star rating they get - and here you can do something. Few days ago I got 1 star rating because someone couldn’t download the item - so my item was rated not for it’s quality but for slow internet (?). So I asked envato support team if they can delete this rating because it is obvious it is not fair.

And you know what? I got this message:

“Thanks - as this lacks clarity, we have removed this.
All the best”

And 1 star rating is removed. :slight_smile: So when you get unfair 1 star rating fight this. :slight_smile:

I call that fair and I always knew and stated Envato stands for us in those cases.