Where is my review?

Could it be that a seller is able to remove a review? I wrote now two times a review ( one star for a really bad theme) and this review is not listed.

It’s probably removed. Just post the comments again and if it’s removed, contact Envato support for the further explanation


Seller can’t remove review but the Seller (author) would contact envato support team and they would make a decision based on their review policies.


Envato should provide a reason ( contacted you ) with an explanation if it’s been removed by them by the way. Check your emails in this case

Your’re are absoutely right. I wrote the review two times and I’m sick writing a third time. It’s impertinent by the Envato team to cancel my reviews without notifications. I demand an explantion from Envato for this.

Contact Envato and ask why it’s been removed. Sometime, author can claim “it’s not true” and this may be the reason why it’s removed.

Have you instead tried contacting the author about their theme? If you’re having trouble with it, the best thing to do is contact the author.

Of course I’ve tried to contact the author. And the result of this experience was a one-star review. The worst thing they did: they took away a function of the theme (parallax effect) for reasons they are not communicating and don’t inform the users on Themeforest. On item preview the effect is still active, in reality doesn’t exist anymore.

You can ask a refund then from Envato