Question of who can remove my review

Hi, so recently I posted a review on JNEWS theme that I purchased and I see that It got removed without any notification. It was a genuine review without any cruse words or attacks or anything like that.

I wonder who can remove the review that I posed and if there is anyway I can contact somebody to get an explanation why It got removed.

Edit later: Oh! my bad. I misunderstood the query.
Only Envato support team can remove review/rating if it is against the envato rating and review policy. If you have any query please open Help ticket and let Envato Customer support team know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

I believe @mgscoder misunderstood your question.

Only Envato can remove reviews you have posted. Iā€™m not sure who you would contact for an explanation.

Hope that helps.

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