Why Envato remove review when is asked by big authors

I give a negative review of script in codecanyon which require development skills to be modified.

A lot of things were just hardcoded in the HTML.

Even the call to action in the home was linked to their item in the codecanyon without an option from the admin to be changed.
And many other items like discounts labels and etc.

I write a negative comment and review, then I just release it after two days it is removed.

Why big authors in Envato can ask for negative reviews to be removed?
What is the purpose of the reviews then if negative ones can be removed?

Envato wont remove negative reviews which ar founded regardless of the author.

Unfortunately while having complete cms control of every option might be best practice, having elements hard coded does not mean the item is broken or that there is an error.

If my review is not removed - why I don’t see it?

Also, I don’t say it is broken I left a review for features.

Your best option is to ask support who have the final decision on if a review is removed or not Envato Market Help and Support

I don’t work for Envato and I don’t care. I just thinking what is the purpose to have reviews when they can be removed by asking the author. I was thinking the review are there for other users to see them and take decisions to buy this or another product!

I wouldn’t know the details behind the removal but the author would contact envato support team and they would make a decision based on their review policies.


If you have received a refund, the rating is automatically deleted. You don’t appear as a buyer in the item comments.

May be you are doing spamming

I purchase a product just to make spam ?? Don’t make me laugh!

I just add reviews like this one where I explain what is wrong with the product, as you can see I’m not the only one who found this in this product

This is a difficult one - purely in the interests of clarity…

Paypal is mentioned on the item page but not on the demo so, yes, to an extent that one is valid. (although the author does respond to the buyer comment that it is being tested for approval).

However, the lack of functionality which is not (as far as I can see) mentioned e.g. coupons or fields for select info - that is exactly the kind of thing that the author could contest.

As explained the decision to remove reviews is down to envato not the author, so if there’s genuine bugs or false advertising then I would expect envato to leave it.

If it’s a one star review (which is detrimental to the author and item) because there are not features which a buyer would like to see rather than ones which were advertised, then it’s understandable